Genshin Impact Character Tier List (March 2023)

Genshin Impact characters for March 2023, ranked from best to worst.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List (March 2023)

There have been a ton of Genhin Impact characters that have appeared in the recent years since its launch, and with the game’s third anniversary quickly approaching, new players to Genshin Impact may be asking who the best characters are right now. Read on, and this guide will list all the best characters to use for March 2023, ranked from best to worst.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List

Tier Rank



Ayaka, Kazuha, Zhongli, Hu Tao, Raiden, Yelan, Ganyu, Bennett, Xiao, Klee, Yae Miko, Nahida, Ayato, Itto, Keqing, Venti, Tartaglia, Mona, and Eula


Alhaitham, Kuki Shinbou, Razor, Jean, Rosaria, Yanfei, Fishcl, Barbara, Yoimiya, Thoma, Diluc, Tighnari, Cyno, Wanderer, Yaoyao, Sucrose, and Chongyun


Diona, Xinyan, Xingqui, Sayu, Kujou Sara, Gorou, Yun Kin, Shenhe, Protagonist, Heizou, Candace and Nilou


Noelle, Lisa, Kaeya, Ningguang, Beidou, Qiqi, Aloy, Collei, Dori, Layla, Faruzan, Amber and Dehya

While starting abilities and elemental advantages are crucial, a character’s effectiveness also depends on how they’re played, what resources they have at their disposal, and the overall composition of their team. If a character is not at a high tier, it is either inferior to other options or requires a very particular build or squad in order to be effective.

As such, we’ve listed out each of the character’s strengths and weaknesses below to help you decide which one’s best for you.

S-Tier Genshin Impact Characters

Character Tier List - Genshin Impact - 01


She is a 5-star Cryo Swordswoman who can freeze opponents and is considered one of the best Cryo characters to have. She has a high elemental burst DMG, a high base for CRT DMG, and is also one of the best DPS characters to have on a team. Her only weakness as a warrior is that her skills are very costly and demand high energy costs. But with equipment and accessories that can instantly regenerate one’s stamina, she will be a force to be reckoned with.


Among the Anemo characters that wield a sword, Kazuha is one of the best characters, as he mainly focuses on supporting DPS characters by buffing the team’s elemental DMG and can entrap enemies in a specific location. Kazuha has been used a lot by many Genshin fans since he can perform setups that are beneficial against the hordes of enemies surrounding them.


Among the martial artists that are proficient with a bow, Zhongli would personally be one of my favorite characters to have for support. Aside from being a strong support, Zhongli has a large AOE Geo DMG, can petrify enemies with his element burst, and has a strong defensive shield that can withstand any incoming attack. The only problem with him is that he has low regeneration for charging up his skills and low normal attack damage.

Hu Tao

Mischievous is the best term to describe Hu Tao. Like a Zhongli, she uses a polearm as her main weapon and can generate PYRO attacks. Her main strength relies on high-charge attacks and burst DMG. She has as well one of the highest base CRT DMGs in Genshin Impact, as well as a high HP and DEF base. In addition, she has a high CRT rate that she can share with the rest of the party. There is a price to pay for such prowess, though, since her elemental skills deplete her health to increase damage dealt and she lacks a variety of ranged attacks to deal with flyers in greater detail.


Raiden Shogun is one of the most powerful Electro servants, as she is top-tier as both a DPS and a support character. Not only does she excel in combat, but she increases the team’s Elemental Burst DMG and regenerates energy as well. For building teams, she is mainly used as the main DPS for a team.


Yelan can be considered one of the most powerful Cryo characters, as she is an amazing sub-DPS character, and her talents and skills can improve the skills of other DPS characters as well. Her elemental burst also improves all the offensive stats of a team, but for some reason, she has trouble with supporting characters with a hydro element. Nevertheless, Yelan is a good character to have and is worth the investment in using her.


Another Cryo character that is a fan favorite is Ganyu. She is listed as one of the best main DPS characters as her CRT DMG base is very high and she has multiple AOE skills that can deal massive damage and provide Cryo DMG bonus support. Her weakness is low HP; her charged attacks take so much time and make her very vulnerable.


Bennett is often thought of as one of the best 4-star support characters to use because he can heal and boost ATK. What players like about him is that he can apply pyro attacks to set up reactions that easily blow enemies away, and his elemental skill is spammable, which means it can be used many times. However, his elemental skill can cause him to be knocked back when it’s fully charged.


Headstrong and mysterious are the best qualities to describe Xiao, as he is one of the best characters to have when exploring the difficult regions of Genshin Impact. In terms of combat, he has skills that drain his HP and usually switches with other teammates when his Elemental Burst ends, but he is a very proficient close-range warrior and is able to do massive damage without constellations unlocked.


Klee is also one of the best characters to use to explore the unknown regions of Genshin Impact, as she can cook some of the most powerful dishes to buff a party easily. Despite her lack of attack range, she has a high Pyro base DMG and can set off explosions that instantly cause havoc everywhere.

Yae Miko

Among those who can perform spells and mid- or long-range attacks, Yae Miko is very special as she can perform elemental bursts, skills, and charged attacks that can deal a ton of AOE Electro DMG, plus her skills have a quick skill cooldown. She can also prepare a total of three turrets that can end up confusing enemies and is best at supporting main DPS characters as a sub-DPS type.


Nahida is one of the rare characters to possess the DENDRO Element, as she is strong in being a sub-DPS, support, and exploration type character. Even if her HP base is low, her series of attacks offer a wide range of AOE attacks, providing an elemental mastery bonus to the active character inside her Elemental Burst, and more. Overall, she is one of the ideal characters to get in any banner found in the game.


Most of the time, hydro-type characters in Genshin are helpful and can heal other party members. However, Ayato is not only a strong character since he is a 5-star, but he is a strong main-DPS character as well. The use of his skills is costly and makes him vulnerable upon activation, but he deals with both single and multiple enemies DMG at a higher rate, plus he is one of the rarest characters since he is the only one who can deal AOE DMG over a large area.


Itto is a unique main-DPS character to use in the game as he is one of many geo-type characters to have a high CRT DMG base and highly charged ATK DMG, and they are also greatly improved when unleashing his Element Burst. If a party is composed of GEO characters, players would want to focus mainly on Itto as the leader of the pack for his terrifying strength.


Keqing’s strongest qualities are her critical thinking, and her abilities allow players to teleport to any location in a flash. She is a master of the bow and arrow and can quickly charge up attacks with multipliers and buffs, as well as pinpointing any weak spots her enemies may have.


Venti, who is known as one of the earliest characters to be seen in Genshin Impact, is proficient in dealing with mobs like Treasure Hunters, Fatuis, and Hilichurls. Using his skills and unique bow talents, he can deal massive damage and is a great crowd-control user with his Elemental Burst. In any team build, Venti can work well with any character.

Tartaglia (Childe)

Bow fighters in Genshin Impact are focused mostly on long-range attacks, but with Tartaglia, he can swap from melee to ranged with Elemental Skill. Not only that, he can apply Hydro constantly as he performs melee attacks, and his DMG increases as he fights off hordes of multiple enemies as well.


Mona is a good character to have as a support and in exploration. She can fit through the tightest spaces as she transforms herself into a puddle of water and attacks enemies from behind using her Hydro spells. Based on her data, her HP and DMG are very low, but she is exceptional at buffing allies’ CRT DMG and more.


Eula is a Cryo-Claymore character who can dish out a world of pain with her sword skills. Her combos are very strong and leave no opening whatsoever, and her skills can reduce the enemy’s Physical and Cyro Resistance, and her burst can produce massive AOE DMG. Many players utilize Eula as a main DPS character and are also familiar with the likes of Zhongli, Xinyan, and Lisa.

A-Tier Genshin Impact Characters

Character Tier List - Genshin Impact - 05


Alhaitham is one of the newest characters to appear in the latest update of Genshin Impact. For those who don’t know, Alhaitham is a very powerful DPs character that can deal with high single- and multi-target DMG and is very flexible and fast in performing Dendro reactions on the field. Players will need to be careful in using him, as he is hard to master due to his timing, and his skills are best used only in the field.

Kuki Shinobu

With her quick feet and supportive skills, Shinobu is the best healer to have on a team. Though her skills are efficient at creating traps and electro fields, she can heal her allies as she attacks, and her Elemental Burst cost is very low. However, her skills have low energy particle regeneration, and her HP depletes a lot when used.


Razor is a 4-star Electro Claymore character in Genshin Impact who wields a claymore, which makes him a tough character to use as players will mostly use him in combat as a main DPS and in exploration. He can summon his inner wolf spirits and boost his attack speed, but once they are gained, it will take a while for him to regenerate them.


Jean is probably one of the most unlikely characters to use Genshin Impact, as she can entrap enemies in a tornado, leaving them vulnerable for a short time. Considering that she excels at crowd control, she can heal her allies as she normally attacks, and her elemental burst cannot heal but does a ton of AOE damage.


A 4-star Cryo Polearm character in Genshin Impact who somewhat resembles a nun is Rosaria. Her greatest gift is her ability to generate cryo explosions from elemental bursts and raise the CRT rate of not only herself but also her allies. During the night, she will move faster and run across the land with less stamina reduction.


Charge attacks are a staple thing to do in Genshin Impact, especially against tough enemies. Yanfei is an exceptional character to use, as she has a high DMG output with both normal and charged attacks. She can attack using long-ranged abilities and can do a ton of AOE DMG as well.


As one of the quickest and most efficient users of electro elements, Fischl is an archer that has a high STK SPD and can generate a ton of electro energy particles. She can also trigger a ton of elemental reactions, which can be beneficial in defeating hordes of enemies, but require many constellations to unlock her most passive skills.


Barbara is Jean’s sister, and in Genshin Impact, she is a 4-Star Hydro Catalyst character. Though she is weak in combat, she is a powerful support servant that has a high healing output and can auto-revive fallen characters. Though her skills are reliable in healing, her talents and skills are more reliant on it than on combat.


Another archer that is fun to use is Yoimiya. As a main DPS character, her talents are endless, as she can buff the ATK DMG of all her party allies, deal damage from a safe and sound distance, and easily target the weaknesses of a single target. Her normal attacks work only when she is near an enemy, and she is not really reliable when dealing with multiple enemies.


In terms of exploration and DPS, Thoma’s skills are a bit above average, but what makes him an A-tier character for Genshin Impact is that his skills and burst can increase the DEF of his allies and boost the output of a party’s normal, charged, and plunge attacks.


During the early days of when Genshin Impact was launched, Diluc was and is still considered to be a fan favorite of many players. With his mastery of Pyro techniques and his giant sword, Diluc is a monster that has a high CRT rate, and his Elemental Burst can create a vortex of havoc even if his ATK speed is low.


Tighnari is known for being an excellent archer with a wide range of Charge attacks. Using the Dendro element, he can do a lot of damage to a single foe and use Dendro from more than one tool in his arsenal. With a low burst cost, he can perform a Strong Elemental Burst that ravages their DEF and locks on to them like a homing missile.


Cyno is another character that has debuted in Genshin Impact recently, and his electro skills are something not to mess with. He is very easy to handle because his CRT DMG is very high and he can apply constant electro-auras on enemies, making it easy to start up a reaction against them. With proper timing and usage of skills, he can easily defeat giant enemies with no problem. Just beware of his pranks.


Wanderer is an unexpected servant, as his normal attacks have a wide AOE and can easily lock on to multiple enemies. He can do multiple combos using his charged attack while floating and is very flexible. Though he has a low HP and DEF base, they can be easily erased with any equipment and accessories a player has.


Yaoyao is an A-tier dendro support in Genshin Impact that generates a field that heals and buffs characters. She can summon a wave of attacks that deals DENDRO DMG to multiple opponents and earn an effect that increases the healing rate of her allies.


Sucrose is a highly recommended 4-star character, which makes her an excellent support-type character. She can boost a party’s elemental mastery and can multiple charge upon the use of her skills, unleashing them in a way that traps enemies easily. To fully maximize her use in the field, players will need various DPS characters in the party that can bond well with her in order to perform various reactions and combos.


In terms of combat, Chongyun isn’t really worth using, but his skills are some of the best to use in terms of exploration, especially when crossing rivers and sea beds. Not only that, in order to compensate for his slow movement in combat and weak normal attacks, his elemental skill buffs his attacks against various enemies.

B-Tier Genshin Impact Characters

Character Tier List - Genshin Impact - 09


Diona is a very agile and unbecoming character to use in Genshin. Her bow skills are good and stable, but she lacks the advantage of attacking enemies since she has low HP, DEF, and DMG stats as well. Players are recommended to use equipment that can increase them, though it will need some work.


One of the characters that players will have a hard time using in Genshin is Xinyan. Her skills are good in terms of buffing defense. But her weakness is that her skill activates when hitting multiple enemies to make use of her pyro DMG, and her buffs are random at best. Players will need to prioritize the use of her AOE style of fighting in order to utilize her skills, and crowd control type units are needed to assist her.


In terms of using Hydro skills, Xingqui is best known for skills and burst attacks as it can not only hurt enemies but also act as a defensive buff that provides DMG reduction and instantly confuse enemies. But players will need to improve more on their normal attacks and find numerous ways to increase the regeneration stats of their skills.


Another support-type character to be wary of is Sayu. As a support type, she wields a claymore, and her Elemental Burst can both heal and deal Anemo DMG. Though it has a low regeneration rate, especially for her skills, her passive skills let players sneak around the wildlife and restore HP when she is active.

Kujou Sara

Similar to Fischl, Sara is a 4-star electro archer that has a long-range arrow attack and can support a party by regenerating their energy and giving them ATK buffs. However, her buff can only be unlocked at C2 plus weapons, so those suits should mainly focus on increasing her DEF stats.


Candace is a 4-star Hydro Polearm character in Genshin Impact who has a decent elemental burst DMG and can parry multiple attacks. However, among the supports present in the roster, her skills lack the necessary buffs to improve the compatibility of other characters, as the DMG buffs are below average. Plus, her hydro infusion from Elemental Burst can be bad for some characters ending in a suicide status.


Gorou may be a good character to use for his support skills, but most of his skills and attacks rely on buffing the DEF of his allies. The only downside that players will need to remember is that he is only worth using if the whole team is made up of GEO users.

Yun Jin

Counterattacks and parries are what Yun Jin is best known for. Once an attack is parried, her normal ATK and DMG increase, as well as during Elemental Burst. But with her skills and all, she lacks the efficiency to generate energy particles and has a long cooldown to regenerate her Elemental skill.


Shenhe is a character that is known for her cryo skills, and her skill sets and abilities are made for the cryo teams. Her elemental burst is very powerful, as it covers a wide area and freezes enemies nearby. Sadly, though, her skills as stated are made for Cryo users, and other users won’t be able to benefit from them.


Heizou is a bit tricky to use, as players will need to be careful when using his skills as they leave him vulnerable to incoming attacks, and he will require a ton of support in order to set off Elemental reactions that blow enemies away. His strength is that he is able to create waves of tornadoes that synergize well with Anemo attacks, and his base ATK is higher than any 4-star character in Genshin Impact.


With her sword in play, Nilou is very aggressive as a sub-DPS character. Her skill works well with Dendro units and can apply strong debuffs to enemies once her second constellation is unlocked. However, she requires not only a Dendro unit to fully utilize her talents and skills but a great healer to survive as well.

C-Tier Genshin Impact Characters

Character Tier List - Genshin Impact - 11


This maid is not to be underestimated. Noelle is a 4-star Geo Claymore character in Genshin Impact who is a strong main DPS character. Her skills are good in terms of both DEF and HP regeneration, but she lacks DMG stats and requires a ton of constellations to fully unlock her talents.


As a librarian and powerful witch, Lisa is an Electro character that has some basic outputs. Her strengths rely mainly on her AOE skills in terms of Elemental Skill and Burst, but she requires high investment in talents, artifacts, and weapons, and her constellations are hard to get.


Similar to Lisa, Kaeya is one of the characters for whom getting his constellations will be difficult. Not only that, players will have a hard time using their elemental skills as they only affect a small area. Because of this, they will need accessories that improve their skill range and more.


As one of the many characters to be seen in Genshin Impact, Ningguang is one whose ability is different from that of other Catalyst users. With her talents and abilities, she can provide protection against ranged attacks, increase a party’s GEO DMG, and be particularly effective against long-range fighters. However, out of all the catalysts, she is the slowest in terms of ATK and SPD, and her normal attacks are not that great.


Early on in the game, players might get a chance to summon Beidou to their party. They will need to know that Beidou has lots of weaknesses, as her elemental skill needs accuracy and precision, and most of her talents are best unlocked once her constellation is at level 4. The one good thing about Beidou is that she is useful in countering enemies as she gives out High Electro DMG.


Small and slow is what makes Qiqi cute and funny to look at. Her skills are mostly defensive, as she can create an ice aura that protects her from close-range enemies and can heal players over a short period of time. In co-op mode, she will prove herself to be useful in terms of support, but the problem with her is that her skills have a long cooldown and her energy regeneration is very low.


Crossovers are really unexpected, and Aloy is the main protagonist of the game Horizon Zero Dawn, and a character that players can get exclusively on the PlayStation. As a ranged fighter using a bow, Aloy can debuff an enemy’s ATK while buffing a party’s ATK. Not only that, she can convert her own normal ATKs into cryo, throw freeze bombs, and more. However, she has no constellations, a low normal ATK, and most of her skills rely on getting hit by Aloy’s bombs.


Another Dendro character that made her debut in Genshin Impact’s latest update is Collei. Her main use in the game relies on the sub-DPS type, and her elemental skill can trigger multiple reactions on the field. Plus, her Elemental Burst has a wide area of effect. The only problem with her use is that players will need to improve her ATK base, as it’s very low, and her skills have a long cooldown period, making it harder to use her in combat.


Dori is a 4-star unit that is said to be one of the most powerful units to act like a battery. Her skill can not only heal an ally, but she can recharge herself, or rather create more energy particles for herself, which will help with her high energy cost. Her builds are most focused on increasing her healing capabilities and slightly increasing her personal damage. However, her weakness is that she only heals one at a time, and her elemental burst is very low.


Layla is a swordswoman that utilizes the cryo element. She is either used as a sub-DPS or a support type, her skills are impressive enough to be used in combat. She can summon strong shields that easily repel any physical attack, has a high HP, and a low elemental burst cost, and all her skills are active inside or outside the combat zone. However, when her shields reach a certain limit before breaking, her elemental skills will end, and her offensive stats are below average. To compensate for these weaknesses, players will need weapons that can instantly recharge their skills and increase the DMG output of Layla.


Faruzan is a skilled archer, and with the Anemo element, she can at best support multiple allies on the field. However, her best skills are best used if all six of her constellations have been unlocked. Players who rely on using Faruzan should know that she can buff Anemo DMG and decrease an enemy’s Anemo RES easily. However, most of her skills can only generate a few particles, and the cost of her elemental burst is very high.


Distraction and unexpectedness are what Amber can do as a Pryo archer. Her skill allows her to summon a doll that can distract enemies and explode upon impact. In many areas where Pyro element is required, she is quite useful, but her skills take a long time to recharge, and her DMG stats and HP are very low. Players will need to find proper equipment and accessories to increase their stats.


When she was announced for the 3.5 updates for Genshin Impact, a lot of players were expecting her to show a ton of potential as a DPS character, but upon her release, players realized that she will need a lot of equipment, unlock all of her talents, and mostly 5-star accessories to utilize her play style. Her weakness in the game is that her damage output is below average, her element burst is very costly, and she can only generate a few amounts of particles. So far, among the 5-star characters released in the game, she needs a lot of work to improve.

And that’s our Genshin Impact characters ranked from best to worst. If players like this guide, feel free to check out our other Genshin Impact-related articles and guide.

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