Genshin Impact Daily Check-In Rewards Offers Tons of Items and Weekly Primogems

A new HoYoLAB Community was recently set up by game developer miHoYo and in order to reward its members, they have added a Genshin Impact Daily Check-In in-game reward system.

In order to gain the daily rewards, players only need to log in their account on HoYoLAB Community every day and visit the homepage. Get to the rewards page and click on the reward for day one and slowly increment it daily.

Here are the rewards to expect when completed:

  • Primogem (x60)
  • Mora (x67000)
  • Adventurer’s Experience (x26)
  • Hero’s Wit (x5)
  • Fine Enhancement Ore (x16)
  • Raw Meat (x3)
  • Fowl (x3)
  • Fish (x3)
  • Bird Egg (x3)

Aside from the rewards system, the HoYoLAB Community has a treasure trove of information for those who are looking. Check out the Battle Chronicle tab, which contains information on weapons, artifacts and constellation.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices. Also check out Hu Tao’s character demo trailer here.

Source: Official Website via DualShockers