Genshin Impact: Complete List of Fishing Association Locations

Here's all of the locations of three fishing association locations in Teyvat.

The Fishing System in Genshin Impact offers the fun game mechanic of catching various types of fish in different parts of Teyvat. And catching fish is not just for the sake of collecting. It can actually be exchanged for items that can be beneficial in some way for you at the Genshin Impact Fishing Association.

The fish you caught can be exchanged in these Fishing Associations located in the three major regions of Teyvat. Here is the complete list of Genshin Impact Fishing Association locations and the items that can be exchanged with the fish you caught.

Genshin Impact Fishing Locations

Mondstadt Fishing Association Map Location

Item ExchangedFish Required
Redrot Bait Blueprint Medaka 3 pcs.
False Worm Bait Blueprint Medaka 3 pcs.
Fake Fly Bait Blueprint Medaka 3 pcs.
Windtangler Rod Medaka 20 pcs. Aizen Medaka 20 pcs. Venomspine Fish 20 pcs. Tea-Colored Shirakodai 20 pcs.

Liyue Fishing Association Map Location

Item ExchangedFish Required
Pool of Sapphire Grace Blueprint Medaka 10 pcs.
Wishmaker RodMedaka 20 pcs. Sweet-Flower Medaka 20 pcs. Betta 20 pcs. Brown Shirakodai 20 pcs.

Inazuma Fishing Association Map Location

Item ExchangedFish Required
Narukawa Ukai Rod Medaka 20 pcs. Glaze Medaka 20 pcs. Lunged Stickleback 20 pcs. Purple Shirakodai 20 pcs.
The Catch Raimei Angelfish 6 pcs. Golden Koi 20 pcs. Rusty Koi 20 pcs.
Ako’s Sake Vessel Raimei Angelfish 3 pcs. Pufferfish 10 pcs. Bitter Pufferfish 10 pcs.

Thanks to Map Genie’s Genshin Impact Interactive Map for the accurate locations.

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