Genshin Impact English Voice Actor Fired After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The character he portrays might be gone for a while.

HoYoVerse has now made it official to recast the English voice actor of one of the recent playable characters of Genshin impact after allegations of sexual misconduct were reported.

Genshin Impact Voice Actor Accused and Admits

Tighnari English voice actor Elliot Gindi was recently accused of sexually harassing some fans of the game and the majority of them were minors. Gindi has admitted to the allegations, which has resulted in the whole cast of the Genshin Impact game denouncing him online. HoYoVerse is now looking for a replacement for the voice actor.

Plans for Tighnari

While the studio could not completely remove the old voice right away, their plan is to slowly replace all of his in-game voice lines. In a new Twitter post by HoYoVerse, it has now contacted the voice recording agency it has partnered with for a long time and asked them to find a new actor and record all lines as soon as possible. These new lines will be introduced to the game in future updates and will keep the fans updated.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time a voice actor who worked for HoYoVerse was replaced due to a controversy. Oz’s voice actor, Li Yuantao, in the Chinese version of the game was alleged of adultery and also had sexual relations with fans. Oz is the shadow bird that accompanies the 8th grader syndrome archer Fischl in the game. She vanished for a while as the developers had to make changes by recasting Oz’s voice actor and re-recording lines. It might be possible that Tighnari will be gone for a bit and will not be present in future main storylines for a short while until HoYoVerse completely changes the voice lines.

Gennshin Impact Tighnari

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.

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