Genshin Impact Event Gets Canceled Following Serious Incident

Event got canceled after bomb scare revealed.

A Genshin Impact event held in South Korea got canceled after a certain serious incident got reported and authorities had to intervene.

Genshin Impact Event Suspends Activities Following Threat

South Korea’s Genshin Impact event had its participants evacuated after an anonymous Twitter user posted a picture of a possible homemade explosive device. They threatened that this was already planted inside the event’s location, which was Seoul’s Olympic Park arena. As it turns out, this was all a hoax and nobody was injured.

Participants Safely Evacuated

Police and firefighters were able to evacuate around 200 people from the Genshin Impact Summer Festival 2023 which was held on July 22, 2023. The Twitter posts of the suspect were all recorded on a threat on Reddit and the Twitter account got suspended after the incident. The individual threatened that the device that they planted would explode when the time comes and that the ones following them would look forward to it.

Suspect Anti-Chinese, Anti-Communist

According to the report, the suspect had made many anti-Chinese and anti-communist statements a while back on their account. This was seen as the possible motive for the threat. It seems they targeted HoYoVerse, which is a Chinese company with headquarters located in Shanghai, China.

Event Postponed Until Safety Confirmed

The report states that the event was postponed until the authorities were able to confirm that it was just a hoax and that no bomb was at the location. They are currently tracking the suspect responsible for this.