Genshin Impact For Nintendo Switch Release Date

Genshin Impact is available for quite a bit of platforms; it’s about time that it came to the Nintendo Switch. For players out there waiting to play this game on a handheld device that isn’t their mobile phones, then this could be their wish come true.

However there are a few details that you might want to know. Is Genshin Impact on the Switch free-to-play? What date is it releasing? Does it require you to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online to access multiplayer features?

When Is Genshin Impact Coming to Switch?

Genshin Impact has indeed been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. But there is no release date at the moment. It has been rumored to be delayed for this platform. But there might still be hope that it will be coming this late 2021.

At the moment Genshin Impact is only available for PS4, PS5, Mobile, and PC.

Will Genshin Impact on Switch Be Free-to-Play?

Following that Genshin Impact is free-to-play for every other platform, it stands to reason that you will not be required to purchase the game on the Switch.

Is Nintendo Switch Online Necessary For Genshin Impact Multiplayer?

We cannot confirm anything yet, but other platforms do need any type of subscription to play with friends on Genshin Impact. There’s a good chance you won’t need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online in order to access multiplayer privileges.