Genshin Impact Kazuha Distant Voyage Event is Now Available

Game company miHoYo has begun the Genshin Impact new event Kazuha Distant Voyage.

Players can join in the fun starting today and it will end by July 3, 2021. They need to be Adventure Rank 10 to join this event and it can be done on the official page.

Players will be tasked to help Kaedehara Kazuha to build a boat. When they complete this task, they will get in-game items as rewards.

The boat has 9 components and 3 parts can be built per each stage. When all 3 parts are completed, they can unlock the next stage. Be careful though, each part will consume a crafting attempt. Gaining back this attempt can be done via completing Daily Tasks. When the attempts go to 0, no more parts can be made.

All three parts can be crafted simultaneously. Each part can take 60 minutes to make. Also, logging in each day grants players 1 crafting attempt. They can also gain an attempt by Daily Tasks.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PS5.