Genshin Impact Klee Gameplay Video Released

The newest video for popular free to play video game Genshin Impact features technical details about the cute Spark Knight Klee.

Klee is known as the Spark Knight and she is a Pyro mage that can dish out some terrifying bombs as her main attack. Her main weapon is a catalyst and infuses many of her attacks with the Pyro element. She has this cute doll she calls the Jumpty Dumpty that can jump around a bit and explodes on the last bounce. She is also known to have razed Storm Terror Mountains flat, according to the video.

This cute pyro mage is affiliated with the Knights of Favonius, a vision of pyro, and the consteallation of Trifolium. She has the expedition talent called All of My Treasures!, which allows players to easily discover items in the game. Items that are unique to Monstadt can easily be seen on the minimap with her help.

Klee’s normal attack is called Kaboom!, which is of course a fire range attack that is explosive in nature. When charged, it can absorb a certain amount of stamina and after a short while deals AOE pyro damage. She can use her normal attacks for quickly mining ore. Her Elemental Burst is Sparks ‘n Splash which continuously attacks enemies nearby until it runs out of energy.

Genshin Impact is now available on PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS.

Here’s the third trailer: