Genshin Impact Path of the Taishou Quest Guide

We’re sure that most of the Travelers are having a fun time with the Labyrinth Warriors event but are itching to get their hands on the 4-star Pyro claymore user, Xinyan. Completing the Mystic Onmyou Chamber rewards Aged Tokens. With enough Aged Tokens and if you meet all the requirements for Blazing Unison, you can invite “Blazing Riff” Xinyan (Pyro). One of the requirements in acquiring Xinyan is to complete the quest Path of the Taishou.

Why Can’t You Start Path of the Taishou Event?

The Path of the Taishou event is already available today, Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 04:00 (Server Time). But it is part of the Labyrinth Warriors Stage 4 – The Echoes of Extinction Challenge.

So once the quest is available on Story Quests, how will you be able to start it?

How to Start Path of the Taishou Quest

This storm has passed. You and Paimon prepare to visit Shiki Taishou again to see how the Mystic Onmyou Chamber is doing. To trigger the Path of the Taishou Quest, the task is to pay Shiki Taishou a visit.

To start the Path of the Taishou Quest, navigate and select the Path of the Taishou on Story Quests. Teleport over to Narukami Island in Inazuma, and head to the Mystic Onmyou Chamber to speak to Shiki Taishou.

Shiki Taishou is a creation of the great Harunoske Kamuna. Harunoske Kamuna was the first onmyouji of Inazuma and a well-known Master of Magic and Charms. He was also the first onmyouji of Inazuma. He employs Shikigami as one of his mediums for imbuing his magical force into paper cut-outs, and he has a lot of them.

Shiki Taishou: “Those who seek ultimate attainment, can find it in practices of this Mystic Onmyou Chamber.”

Shiki Taishou is a paper cut-out that will accompany the traveler, Childe, and Xinyan as they traverse the Labyrinth Warriors Event.

The Mystic Onmyou Chamber where the Labyrinth Warriors event takes place, appears to have been designed for training reasons, was actually developed by Kamuna Harunoske. However, it appears to have gotten out of hand as monsters from within the domain began wandering the surrounding area and causing widespread disruption.

Entrance to the Mystic Onmyou Chamber
image credits to Reddit user levergray97mx

How to Complete the Path of the Taishou Quest

Complete the dialogue tree with Shiki Taishou. Shiki Taishou starts by sharing the good news, he said that he showed the original documentation to the Tenryou Commission and they finally believed that he is innocent and absolved the Mystic Onmyou Chamber from the accusations. Paimon is happy because Shiki Taishou can finally focus on his original assignment. He continues, and says that he also restored the Mystic Onmyou Chamber to its original state, which is a domain dedicated to honing magical prowes. He challenges you, the Traveler, to enter the Chamber once more to face a series of trials.

Accept the challenge and proceed to the entrance of the Mystic Onmyou Chamber. To complete the Path of the Taishou Quest, you must complete the following trial objectives:

  • Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge.
  • Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the challenge.

Before you step into the entrace to the Mystic Onmyou Chamber, Shiki Taishou reminds you that rushing straight to the opponent may set you back. He advises to “know yourself, and proceed in accordance with your abilities”.

The Path of the Taishou Quests is the same as all the Stages in the the Labyrinth Warriors event. The main difference is that there are more rewards and loot in each of the levels if you explore the areas properly. There will also be a small treasure chests icons on the map to show which rooms contain treasure chests with potentially lucrative loot.

Arrayed Emplacement and Ferocious Emplacement create enemies, Curative Emplacement heals and revives party members, and Decisive Emplacement creates an enemy leader and serves as the floor’s challenge. The Charm Emplacement allows players to draw a charm, also known as the Shikifuda. There is a marker for each of these Emplacements on the event map.

This chamber is a test how well you build your team and their artifact sets.

Maps: Path of the Taishou

By clicking on the minimap, travelers will be able to see the details of the current trial zone, as well as the rooms they’ve already explored and the zones surrounding them.

Map Symbols and Definitions

Gate MechanismStarting area
Arrayed EmplacementSummons lower level enemies
Ferocious EmplacementSummons higher-level enemies to complete the Serious and Dire challenges.
Curative EmplacementRevives, Heals, and Team Character Swapping
Charm EmplacementDraws a charm
ChestsTreasure chest locations
Decisive EmplacementBoss Fight and final objectives

Boss and Enemy List for Path of the Taishou

Level 2

Maguu Kenki

The boss and final objective is a Maguu Kenki.

A Maguu Kenki is a well-trained and well-coordinated mechanical swordsman. Doesn’t appear to be able or willing to communicate verbally, preferring to use crossed swords as a means of communication. A certain sword school’s first-generation master’s memories are said to have gone into building this machine. However, it was found to be defective, had a loss of control, and had to be thrown away. The machine’s spirit, it’s said, still lingers near where its life came to an end.

Level 1

BossKairagi: Dancing

Kairagi: Dancing Thunders are Samurai turned bandits. They have advanced martial arts skills but have found no use for them. Despair drove them down the path of evil. They use ancient Kannagara paper seals to infuse their blades with lightning power.

BossKairagi: Fiery
Kairagi: Fiery Might

Kairagi: Fiery Might are also Samurai turned bandits. They learned martial arts as children, but lost the chance to serve the people for various reasons, and went astray. Their blades aren’t cold like steel, but rather bitter. They seem to have used lost Kannagara art paper seals to light the blades.

Other Possible Enemies

Enemies coming from Arrayed Emplacements and Ferocious Emplacements will be random.

Quest Rewards for the Path of the Taishou Event

After you defeat the Level 2 Boss, exit the Mystic Onmyou Chamber and speak to Shiki Taishou to claim your rewards. If you complete the Path of the Taishou Quest, the rewards are:

Trial ObjectiveAged TokenDamaged Replica
Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge.x700 Aged Tokensx1050 Damaged Replica
Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge. x480 Aged Tokens x720 Damaged Replica
Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge. x220 Aged Tokens x330 Damaged Replica

Players who successfully complete the Path of the Taishou Quest will receive Aged Tokens, which can be redeemed at the Event Shop for Crown of Insight, Ascension materials, Talent Level Up materials, and Mystic Enhancement Ores:

  • 60x Primogems
  • 30,000 Mora
  • 3x Hero’s Wit

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