Genshin Impact Sumeru Preview Teaser 3 Prelude to Wisdom Features New Characters

Possible the new five star characters of Sumeru!

HoYoVerse recently released the Genshin Impact Sumeru Preview Teaser 3 Prelude to Wisdom.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Preview Teaser 3 Highlights

A new video was recently shared by the game developer that shared new information about the next major region Sumeru and its new characters. It actually gave a preview of those new characters and they are quite colorful in both physical and their personalities.

Sumeru Land of Wisdom

According to one of the developers that discusses the details about the new nation, Sumeru values wisdom above all else. It is even managed as a resource there and is done by a Gnosis-powered legacy left by the previous Sumeru Archon, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. As a result, the adults do have the ability to dream anymore.

Six new Characters

The video then revealed six new characters that are expected to join the roster. The ones shown are expected to be five-star characters as the known four-star characters are not present in the video. The first character to be shown was Tighnari, who will be included in the upcoming update 3.0. The other characters are Al-Haitham, Dehya, Nilou, Nahida, and Cyna.

Al-Haitham has been leaked for so many times already and is expected to be a Dendro DPS character. It seems his design was inspired from a character of HoYoVerse’s other successful game, Honkai Impact 3rd named Su. Nahida is rumored to be the new Dendro Archon, but no official confirmation as of yet.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.