Genshin Impact New Teyvat Times Released featuring Interesting Data

Game studio miHoYo recently released an image on social media about some funny and interesting details about popular video game Genshin Impact.

The new Teyvat Times was posted on Paimon’s official Twitter account. It featured different data that shared some funny information about the game, the players, and more.

One part showcased how many times a Traveler has been defeated 76 times only to gain victory after being persistent in the end. There was also another Traveler who gained victory after all other party members got wiped out and only one character with 5 HP got the win.

There were other players who enhanced the 2-star claymore Old Merc’s Pal to level 70. Others enhanced the 1-star claymore Waster Greatsword to level 70 as well.

There was also information about how many slimes, hilichurls, and Whopperflowers were defeated until now. There was also a list of popular weapons to forge in the game.

Genshin Impact is already available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android.