Genshin Impact Update 1.1 New Content Details Unveiled

Genshin Impact

After releasing the official schedule for future updates of Genshin Impact, another post on social media was revealed that shared some details about what will be added in update 1.1.

Japanese player Kurayami_11 recenlty shared some of the translated details of what new content will be added when update 1.1 will be implemented next month. English translation courtesy of DualShockers.

Genshin Impact Version 1.1 new content:

  • Ability to lock Artifacts and weapons to avoid accidental level-up usage.
  • Encyclopedia to check on description of items with details on obtaining said items.
  • Anemoculus and Geoculus Detectors to be added for convenience.

Upcoming changes for the game in future updates:

  • Shortcut function to eat food items during battle.
  • Excess experience from strengthening weapons to the max will come back in the form of ores.
  • New in-game report function to be added. Possibly bug reporting
  • Characters on Expedition will still be playable.
  • Co-op event to be held soon.

Genshin Impact is now available on PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS. Update version 1.1 is coming on Nov. 11.