Genshin Impact Update 2.7 Release Date Announced

A Special Program will be airing earlier than the update release to share more information about it.

genshin impact update 2.7 release date

HoYoVerse has recently revealed the official Genshin Impact update 2.7 release date and the upcoming Special Program stream.

Genshin Impact Update 2.7 Release Date

A new Twitter post on the official Genshin Impact account has announced the new update v2.7 notice. According to HoYoVerse, the upcoming update maintenance is expected to begin at May 31, 2022 at 6 AM (UTC+) server time. It is expected to last for five hours. The announcement has now confirmed the rumors of the upcoming update’s speculated release date before this reveal.

HoYoVerse revealed the duration of update v2.7, which is expected to be six weeks. They also shared when update 2.8 will be launched, which should be after the duration of upcoming update 2.7. They are planning to release the next update after 2.7 on July 13, 2022.

The current character and weapon banners, and test run event will finally end on May 31, 2022. This means it will be the last chance for players to pull Ayaka from the current character banner. They will adjust the countdown time display on the Wish screen and Events Overview page after this announcement. Other in-game events will have no changes to their end times.

Special Program Livestream Schedule Revealed

Aside from Genshin Impact update 2.7 release date announcement, HoYoVerse also revealed the schedule for the new Special Program livestream that will showcase the upcoming update. It will air on May 20, 2022 at 5 AM PT. The program will air on Twitch and the archived version will be uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the game later on.

genshin impact update 2.7 release date special program

The teaser image on the Twitter post revealed the next character that will be featured on the character banner, which everyone knows to be Yelan. For some reason, Itto was there too, which highly suggests that he will be appearing in a rerun banner as well on update 2.7. The rumors about him coming back is somewhat confirmed with this teaser image.

With the reveal of update 2.7’s release date, it also means the delay compensation package will now end by the end of the month, which was expected by everyone. Recently, players got 400 Primogems, 120,000 Mora, 16 Mystic Enhancement Ores, 7 Hero’s Wits, and a Fragile Resin.

Genshin Impact is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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