Genshin Impact Winblume’s Breath Act 3: Joy Above the Clouds Walkthrough


Joy Above the Clouds is the 3rd and final act of Winblume’s Breath event in Genshin Impact. This quest follows after the A Riddle Amidst the Crowds quest and players must meet up with Sucrose once more to gain fantastic rewards they can use in their future endeavors. Read on, and players will learn more about this quest and what rewards are worth getting.

How to Start Joy Above the Clouds Quest

This quest can’t be initiated until the previous one, “A Riddle Amidst the Crowds Quest,” has been completed. Once done, Players can keep tabs on their progress in the quest journal or get a head start by selecting the “Start Event” button on the Windblume’s Breath page. Keep in mind that participants must meet Sucrose by the fountain in front of her Alchemy shop between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.

How to Complete Joy Above the Clouds Quest

At the start of the quest, players will need to first read all the letters on the bulletin board. Afterward, talk to Collei, and a short cutscene will begin where a large cast of unexpected characters will appear once the conversation begins with Timaeus.

How to Complete Joy Above the Clouds Quest

After the scene, players will need to find the sacred location of the Lantern of Utmost Joy. Open the map and teleport near the Falcon coast, as that will lead players to the next destination.

Upon arrival, a short scene will emerge and show a wind current coming out of the ground near the edge of the cliff. Jump on it, and it will lead players to the floating island that appeared. Within the island, players will eventually find a purple lantern on the table. Interact with it, and a lengthy cutscene will begin.

Lastly, head back to Mondstadt and the alchemy bench, and another cutscene will begin. This will signify that the quest has been completed.

Joy Above the Clouds Quest Rewards

Once the quest is completed, players will be receiving the following rewards that players will find useful in their future endeavors:

  • 30 Primogems
  • Lazurite Swirl
  • Collei’s Windblume

That’s how to complete Joy Above the Clouds quest for Genshin Impact. If you like this guide, be sure to check our other Genshin Impact-related articles.

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