Ghost of Tsushima Gets Large Day One Patch Fixing Some Bugs

Ghost of Tsushima Jin

Upcoming action adventure open world video game Ghost of Tsushima revealed to have a large day one patch.

Ghost of Tsushima

Just recently, game studio Sucker Punch posted on Twitter that the upcoming game has gone gold and now is ready for physical mass production and distribution. This also meant that the developers will now focus more on making updates and patches to polish the game and make balances to gameplay.

Turns out the first day the game releases, a day one patch will be launched as well. Players will have to clear a bit of space on their PlayStation 4 hardware since the size of the patch is 7.7 GB. This could just take minutes with the right amount of internet speed, but for those with slow internet connection, they will have to wait for a while.

According to the patch notes found on the PlayStation Store’s servers, it was revealed this patch will make some various localization fixes and other bug fixes. It did not specify which fixes will be made and other additions will be done.

Aside from the day one patch, it was also revealed that the game size is actually 50 GB.

Ghost of Tsushima will launch this coming July 17 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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