PS5 Game related to Ghost of Tsushima Could Be in Development

Ghost of Tsushima

A recent post by a Sucker Punch developer might have revealed a PS5 game related to Ghost of Tsuhima in development right now.

Ghost of Tsushima Jin

Cinematic Video Producer Dave Molloy recently posted on his LinkedIn page that he is currently working on a Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PS5. It seems to have been removed now after it was spotted by other media outlets.

This could have meant a lot of things, but some speculate that it could mean Sucker Punch could be developing features for the PS5 version of the game, as in haptic feedback and adaptive triggers specific. Also, it could mean the visuals might get updated with added polish worthy of the PS5, which could mean like a Definitive Edition maybe.

Others are thinking it could be a prequel, sequel, a new game mode, or even an expansion DLC of some kind. So far, these guys are only the minority and most believe it is a Definitive Edition for GoT.

Again, take this with a grain of salt and most of them are just speculations. Maybe it could have been a mistake on the developer’s part, but this could also be a slip up. Who knows.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available on PlayStation 4 and backwards compatible with the PS5.

Source: LinkedIn via ComicBook