Ghostrunner Nintendo Switch Version Release Celebrated with New Launch Trailer

Co-publishers All In! Games and 505 Games launched Ghostrunner, the first-person cyberpunk parkour action game developed by One More Level, 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironwork, on Nintendo Switch today.


The cyberpunk parkour action game is now available on Nintendo Switch today and in order to celebrate its release, a new launch trailer was released.

Buy Ghostrunner and receive two exclusive Katanas:

1x Exclusive Katana Sword
1x Exclusive Nintendo Katana Sword

Offer valid from November 10 to December 10.

• Sprint, slash and hack through a dystopian tower to uncover the secrets behind humanity’s brush with extinction

• Dash across walls, deflect incoming fire, and cut through cyborgs and robots

• Hone ninja skills in challenging one-hit-one-kill combat, then learn lethal new abilities in the cybervoid

Ghostrunner is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG versions are now available. The game will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2021.

The Nintendo Switch version of Ghostrunner is published by H2 Interactive in Asia, and the release date will be announced soon.

Source: Press Release

Here’s the Nintendo Switch launch trailer: