Free Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread Update Introduces New Stories and Challenges

A new haunted Middle School location, cursed photographs, and sparkles?!

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda have recently released the free Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread update that will introduce new stories and challenges to the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo new free update, Spider’s Thread, introduces a new game mode that features rogue-lite mechanics to the game. It will also introduce more side missions, new enemies, new skills, Photo Mode enhancements, and more. This also marks the game’s launch on Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft PC Store.

The duo Akito and KK is now exploring a new Middle School location which was added with the Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread update. They are investigating reports of missing students, but they only discovered that they are not alone in this school because there is someone or something slaking the hallways. Players will uncover the secrets behind the strange phenomena occurring in the haunted school including an eerie science mannequin, a paranormal sighting in the bathroom, and the legend of Hananko-san, a malevolent spirit that has haunted the school.

Another quest is discovering a series of 25 strange photographs, each taken near a source of supernatural evil. Noticing the photos respond with psychic effects and unsettling markings as they near the places they were taken. Players will have to set out to find these locations using the photos and purge them using detective skills. Use landmarks, signage, and other key clues in each photograph.

Spirits of the Modern Age offers a new way to look at psychic effects with the new Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread update. Toggle on Reduced Psychic Effects to eliminate certain psychic effects and replace them with SHIIBUYA HACHI stickers. This will allow players to sprinkle some cute over their creepy as they explore.

Ghostwire Tokyo is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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