Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Version Performs Worse Compared to PS5

It looks like Xbox versions have not been optimized.

A new analysis claims that Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox performs ‘quantifiably worse’ than the PS5 version.

According to Digital Foundry, it was revealed that Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Series consoles performs worse than the PS5 version. Oliver Mackenzie revealed that when it is played on Series S, it is “a bit of a mess.”

Mackenzie explained, “The ray-traced reflections are somewhat lower quality, there are shadow alignment bugs with the ray-traced shadows.” He states that the resolutions are similar, but the quality is moderately lower than the PS5 version. Its performance is also lower by 5-10 percent than the PS5 say Mackenzie.

The Xbox Series S version has two graphics modes which are Performance and Quality and neither of them has ray tracing features. Even the Performance mode has issues. It was supposed to run at peak 60fps since it is focused on performance, but it runs lesser than that.

Mackenzie hoped that the dev team would have fixed the issues discovered last year, but it seems it went in the opposite direction instead. The PS5 had performance issues, but the Xbox version had more now.

Ghostwire Tokyo is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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