God Eater 3 New Updates Now Available For Download

God Eater 3

Game company Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released the latest updates for action RPG God Eater 3.

God Eater 3 new updates live

The latest updates are version 2.10 and 2.11. These updates will add two chapters, each of them will be Hugo and Zeke’s stories. These will be added to the Traversing the Past episode. Other inclusions are a new Aragami, a new option for the camera, and more.

Check out the full details here:

Version 2.10

  • Missions
  • New episode “Traversing the Past” ~Episode Hugo~ and ~Episode Zeke~ have been added.
  • New Extra Mission has been added where new Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami: Agni Vajra” appears.
  • Special Mission “Challenge to the Hounds” has been added (Highly difficult mission).
  • Certification Missions 35 to 37 have been added.
  • New Time Attack Missions EX11 to EX14 have been added.
  • Ashwrought Aragami Activation.
  • Aragami
  • New Aragami “Ashwrought Aragami: Agni Vajra” has been added.
  • Ashwrought Aragami’s special effect has been added, that breaks out when it is activated.
  • System
  • New option to adjust the camera speed during lock-on has been added.
  • The feature to remake player character (including the gender setting) has been added.
  • New costumes and accessories have been added.
  • The cap of God Arc parts “+” has been raised to 40 (after Traversing the Past ~Episode Hugo~ and ~Episode Zeke~ are cleared).
  • New skills of “Abandoned God Arcs” have been added.
  • The behavior of “Combat Orders >> Signal: Hold” has been changed. (Automatic order cancellation after a certain period of time has passed has become invalid.)
  • Some minor issues such as issues in the database text have been fixed.

Version 2.11

  • Fixed minor bugs

The full game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Source: Official Website

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