God of War PC Features Trailer Showcases High Fidelity Graphics and More

See the glory of the God of War on PC with this new trailer!


Here’s the official PC specs for God of War:

Original: A new God of War PC Features Trailer was recently released and it showcases the unique improvements that the PC version has compared to the original.

The official features trailer for the PC version of God of War has arrived and it just shows you everything that has changed since the original version. Players will be awestruck from the big difference at it offers a major improvement to visuals, higher resolutions, sharper images, steady frame rates, and more. It even offers controls customization for both the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers.

god of war pc features trailer

Here are the three big PC features that the God of War PC version has:

High Fidelity Graphics

The PC version has striking visuals that have been enhanced on the platform. You can enjoy true 4K resolution on supported devices with unlocked framerates for peak performance. You can also change the settings via the graphical presets being offered like high resolution shadows, screen space reflections, addition of GTAO and SSDO, and more

NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex Support

This game on the PC can utilize the Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling feature or DLSS in order to boost frame rates and generate sharp images on select Nvidia GPUs. Nvidia Reflex low latency technology allows you to react better with responsive gameplay.

Controls Customization

God of War on PC supports the DS4 and DualSense wireless controllers and other gamepads too. It also offers a fully customizable binding feature for the mouse and keyboard.

God of War for PC launches on January 14, 2022.

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