God of War Ragnarök First Look at Svartalfheim Level Gameplay Trailer Revealed

A first look at the dwarven realm!

A new gameplay trailer about God of War Ragnarök just got released focusing on a certain level.

Media outlet Game Informer has recently released a new exclusive gameplay video of the upcoming game focusing more on the new level Svartalfheim. This setting is the home of the Dwarves, the homeland of Brok and Sindri, the two extraordinary blacksmiths that Kratos and Atreus encountered in the previous game. While no details about the purpose of the father and son duo’s visit, this trailer gives players a preview of what this realm looks like.

Svartalfheim is already vastly different than the other realms that the duo has visited so far. It is a realm where the dwarves have built a lot of technological wonders all over the place with bridges, cranes, and other mechanical structures that can do the heavy lifting in their daily activities.

The narrator of the video also states that the previous game was only limited to certain realms because Odin blocked the passageway for the other realms. In God of War Ragnarök, that passageway is open, which means Kratos and Atreus can travel between all nine realms freely this time.

Here is a statement by Lead Level Designer James Riding about them designing the Dwarven realm. “We wanted to evolve the gameplay in the level spaces – more variety and verticality. In Svartalfheim, you’ve got a lot of places that you go to all within one realm. It’s so much content.”

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God of War Ragnarök launches on November 9, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.