God of War Ragnarök Takes Top in Highest Rated New Game of the Year

Big contender for GOTY 2022!

Santa Monica Studios’ latest video game God of War Ragnarök has now taken a top spot in the highest-rated new game of the year list on a popular critic website.

Review aggregation website Metacritic says it all: God of War Ragnarök has a score of 94, which makes it the second highest-rated new game of this year. The number one title is still FromSoftware’s latest game Elden Ring with a Metascore of 96. God of War Ragnarök is followed by titles like Neon White with 90 Metascore, Norco with 89, and the recently released JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with 89 Metascore.

God of War Ragnarök is also now the highest Sony-published PS5 game, followed by Demon’s Souls with 92 Metascore.

It is no wonder the game got that high of a score. Critics all over the world are praising the game and review sites are gushing over it. Sirus Gaming has rated it a masterpiece, with a perfect review score of 10.

“God of War Ragnarök is a masterpiece in all aspects and is a very strong contender for the Game of the Year 2022 title,” says our resident reviewer. “The buildups towards the climax felt like the end of a very long, but satisfyingly attractive, tunnel. It’s definitely one of the games on my list I wish to play again for the first time.”

god of war ragnarok

God of War Ragnarök launches on November 9, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.