God of War Ragnarök UK Sales Break Records

UK sales is now breaking records! US could also do that!

A new report has revealed that God of War Ragnarök UK sales has broken records.

Media outlet GamesIndustry.biz has revealed that God of War Ragnarök is now the biggest launch in the franchise’s history. It has a very great launch in the United Kingdom, which comes from the GfK characters.

There have been 12 God of War games that got released in the UK with six main titles, two portable games, and various collections and remakes. There were a lot of God of War games.

The first game launched on the PS3 and got the no. 5 rank. The second game got top 1 rank at launch. Lastly, God of War 3 also had the same rank, top 1. The fourth title did not get rank 1 however, but when the new God of War in 2018 came out, it stepped on the gas in full as it went to the top 1 in the UK.

“It became the best-seller at that time in terms of week one sales and also lifetime sales for this franchise,” GfK boss Dorian Bloch told GamesIndustry.biz. “In 2018, God of War ranked at No.5 by units and revenue on Sony formats.”

When God of War Ragnarök launched recently, it went ballistic. It became the biggest God of War title launch in the country and this is just based on boxed sales alone.

“God of War Ragnarok will debut at No.1 and is the first cross-gen title in the series,” Bloch says. “Day 1 physical sales were already greater than any other full-week launch sales for other titles in this franchise.”

It has been a great week for God of War Ragnarök in the UK. This could possibly be the same in other countries as well, especially in the US.

God of War Ragnarök is out now on PS4 and PS5.