24K Gold PlayStation 5 Price Officially Announced

PlayStation 5 Gold

Remember that golden PlayStation 5 that was advertised a month ago? The official price for that expensive next-gen console just got revealed and it will definitely cost you a lot of money.

According to website Truly Exquisite, the 24K gold PlayStation 5 and other models will cost over $10,000 each. These are next-gen consoles with gold-plated covers therefore the prices are just quite equivalent to the materials it is made of.

Siliconera has kindly converted the value of each PS5 model from pounds to dollars, so thank you for that.

Here are the prices:

• 24K Gold Digital PS5 – $10,425
• 18K Rose Gold Digital PS5 – $10,556
• Platinum Digital PS5 – $10,686
• 24K PS5 Standard – $10,556
• 18K Rose Gold PS5 Standard – $10,686
• Platinum Standard PS5 – $10,816

The accessories also have their prices and plated with gold as well:

• DualSense Controller (Gold) – $845
• 3D Pulse Headset (Gold) – $520

The pre-orders for these super expensive PS5s will be open on Thursday, Sept. 10. No official release date yet for the regular PS5 consoles, but after the Xbox Series S reveal it might be happening soon.

Source: Official Website