All 5 Good Noodle Stars Locations – SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

A complete guide to finding all of Mrs. Puff's Good Noodle Stars in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

All 5 Good Noodle Stars Locations - SpongeBob Cosmic Shake

One of the optional objectives in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is to collect Good Noodle Stars for Mrs. Puff, and completing it will give players 1 Golden Doubloon for Bikini Bottom. But where do you even begin looking for these collectibles? Read on for a full walkthrough.

How to Start the Good Noodle Stars Side Quest?

This objective will be available after defeating Gary and completing the Halloween Rock Bottom map campaign. If you’ve already done this, talk to Mrs. Puff (you should see a bubble with a red flag on top of her head) in her Boating School to start the Good Noodle Stars Quest.

Tips: You may quickly travel to any checkpoint on the map by using the fast travel to checkpoints feature. To do this, open your world map and select on the little clams that represent various areas throughout the map.

Collecting all 5 Good Noodle Stars in the game takes place in the Halloween Rock Bottom map. Here’s where you can find them in order:

Good Noodle Star #1: Bus Stop

Fast-travel to the Bus Stop checkpoint, then immediately look to your right and find the noodle star on top of the rock.

Good Noodle Star #2: Kandyville

Fast-travel to the Kandyville checkpoint. Once there, take the path to your right, then swing and climb on top using the trampoline until you reach the house on the farthest corner. Go around it to find the noodle star.

Good Noodle Star #3: Kandyville

This noodle star is located on top of the entrance to the Snail Race. From the house where you got the second star, take the path to your left and go up until you find a hook that you can swing directly across into the big pipe.

Good Noodle Star #4: Shadow Theater

This one is located on the roof of the Shadow Theater. Fast-travel to the shadow theater checkpoint; from there, descend and take the left path up two inflatable platforms. Follow the steps upwards until you reach the roof (you can obtain the golden spatula along the way).

Good Noodle Star #5: Museum Slide

Fast-travel to the Museum Slide checkpoint and skid through the path. After defeating the Jellies, bounce up using the huge trampoline, then veer off to the right and karate kick the balloons. Follow the course, and you’ll eventually spot the noodle star. Make sure to double jump, or you might miss collecting it.

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