Rumor Claims Google Stadia Shutting Down Soon

It is plausible with its low online appearance these days.

A new rumor claims Google Stadia shutting down soon.

Let’s face it, Google Stadia has not become quite successful as Google expected it to be all those years ago. It did get the limelight for a while, but it got overshadowed quite quickly by the competition and got forgotten. There have been some triple A games getting the Google Stadia treatment, especially from Ubisoft, but aside from that, its gaming library cannot compete to the big four: PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Google is also known for shutting down services that have not been performing up to their standards so it will not be a surprise if they would shut down Stadia on a whim. That thought could become true soon as there have been rumors claiming that Google Stadia could be shut down soon. How soon you say? They say it could be before the end of 2022.

According to Twitter account Killed by Google, a group that tracks all of the services that Google closes down, it will not be long before Google scuttles down the services of Stadia. They claim it could shut down by the end of summer. The worst of it all is this: there will be no license transfer of any sort. This means any game that was bought on Stadia will be gone for good when the services go down. There is some good news though.

The group has compared the supposed shut down of Stadia to how Google closed down the Play Music service. Subscribers of the service will be informed 30 to 60 days before Google Stadia’s shut down and on the final month of the service, they will be refunded as-is with no additional charges. Others claim that Stadia will be salvaged and turned into Google Stream instead. This could still be the plan because Google is not that harsh of a company to just dump their service just like that.

google stadia shutting down rumor
Not so hype anymore

Still, this is not yet official so that take this rumor with a grain of salt f or now. It does seem plausible though.

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