Developers Stumped After Google Suddenly Announces Stadia Shut Down

They don't know what to do after this sudden announcement.


Many developers still working on projects for Stadia have been posting their shock online after the surprise announcement from Google to shut down the cloud gaming service.

Google officially announced yesterday that it will be shutting down Stadia, the cloud gaming service that was supposed to be a promising technology that could open new possibilities for gaming. Sadly, it did not really take off nicely as they thought it would and now they have to shut it down this coming January 2023. The gaming community had already predicted its demise a long time ago, in fact, they predicted it ever since the big reveal.

Most gamers in the community were already expecting this to happen. The game developers who were working on projects for Stadia though were not happy with this development. In fact, they are now very frustrated with Google as they were not given a heads-up of this big change. They found out after the press and the community shared it online.

The games that were set to launch later this year might not happen anymore, as Google has been unclear about this. The service will shut down in January 2023, which meant the players will not be able to login into their accounts, and also they cannot access the games. That means the game launches on Stadia will be meaningless to purchase anymore.

The developers working on those games are now frustrated as they are now tasked to dissolve their projects. Some of them have heavily invested in developing a game and they expected they would get back their investment and more when it launches on Stadia. Apparently, that will not happen anymore and might trouble them financially.

Several developers have posted their frustrations on Twitter and other social media platforms.

No word yet on their plans for their games, but it is most likely they will have to scrap them and move on to another project.