Gotham Knights Nightwing Butt Shots Included to Please Fans

Because fans made it possible!

It seems Warner Bros. Games deliberately included Nightwing’s butt shots in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Cinematics Director Wilson Mui recently shared an interesting fact in the latest issue of Play Magazine. He spoke about the challenges of designing each character and making them distinct. This would be different in gameplay though because cutscenes would be different and would depend on which character the player is. He then said something about Nightwing and a particular certain part of his body.

“I joke, but in Nightwing’s version of one of the scenes with Harley [Quinn], we have a butt shot because, you know, there’s a butt thing for Nightwing out there that we need to appease the fans with!” Mui explains.

Yes. There is a thing about Nightwing’s “bubble butt”.

For those uninitiated and probably shocked by this specific feature, in the comics, cartoons, and possibly TV shows, Nightwing wears a rather skin-tight costume that showcases his whole body, and that clearly makes his “behind” more distinct compared to him wearing the Robin Hood costume. Throughout many comic issues, it is clear that the drawers are deliberately making Nightwing’s butt more plump, which was the reason why fans would dub it Nightwing’s “bubble” butt.

It seems it has also come to Gotham Knights and their reason is to appease the fans. Well, it will definitely make them happy watching his beautiful ass animated.

Gotham Knights launches on October 21, 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.