Gotham Knights New Trailer Explains the Game

An introduction to Gotham Knights.

WB Games has recently released the new Gotham Knights new trailer titled “What is Gotham Knights?”

Gotham Knights Trailer

The newest trailer discusses Gotham Knights from its premise, characters involved, gameplay, villains, and many more. It is all crammed into more than 3 minutes of footage, but it smoothly sums up everything.

A World Without Batman

We all know the premise, which is Batman’s death on this particular Earth and now the remaining Batman family has to step in to protect Gotham City in his stead. Batgirl, Night Wing, Robin, and Red Hood will be the ones to take on the criminals and supervillains that lurk in the city they all live in and protect the citizens within it.

Five Boroughs, Various Factions, One Big Owl

There are five boroughs in the city and all of them have supervillains governing them, new criminal factions, and corrupt cops but there is a new group that is hatching a rather sinister plan that could potentially destroy it. And that group is the Court of Owls.

Play Solo or Co-Op

Gotham Knights allows players to go solo or play co-op with friends in order to make missions a lot easier to complete. Each Gotham Knight has their own unique abilities that give them an advantage over its adversaries. They can gain experience and level up, which in turn gives them the ability to unlock new skills that can make gameplay a lot easier.

Customize, customize, customize

At the Belfry, players can customize their characters with their gears in order to have better perks before heading into battle. They can also customize the look of their characters with various other costumes and color palettes.

gotham knights

Gotham Knights launches on October 21, 2022 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.