Gran Turismo 7 All Trophies Leak Reveals How to Get Platinum

Trophy list gets revealed early!

Gran Turismo 7

A Gran Turismo 7 all trophies leak has revealed early how to acquire its most top prize: Platinum Trophy.

Several copies of GT7 have unexpectedly landed on players’ hands and as a result some leaks about the game are now in the wild. One of those leaks reveal the whole PSN trophy list with descriptions for each one of them, which could give us a clue on how to acquire them when the official release date arrives. One of these leaks have been released on Twitter, but the images attached got copyrighted already. Luckily somebody has already posted a screenshot of the group of images, but it looks a bit blurry though.

Thanks, GTPlanet!

How to Get Platinum in Gran Turismo 7

To get the Platinum Trophy for Gran Turismo 7, you have to earn all the other trophies: 1 gold, 4 silver, 47 bronze trophies, which totals to 53 trophies including the Platinum.

Just like any other game, there are three tiers of trophies to acquire, Bronze trophies, Silver trophies, and the Gold trophies. Complete all three and you will be rewarded with the Platinum trophy. Bronze trophies are worth 15 points, Silver trophies are 30 points, and the Gold trophies are 90 points with the Platinum trophy for 300 points.

These trophies are just additional tasks for players to complete in the game. Players need to complete a certain task or achieve a certain milestone within the game to unlock these trophies.

In this game compared to its previous titles, GT Sport, this is way easier to achieve. Some just need to drive fast, complete a track in online modes, etc. There are also some photo challenges to achieve. Surprisingly enough, there is only one Gold trophy to achieve and it can be unlocked by earning gold times in all game licenses. There are some hidden trophies too, which can be unlocked by reaching the finale.

All Gran Turismo 7 Trophies Revealed

Here’s the list of all the expected Gran Turismo trophies:

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Platinum Trophy Gran Turismo 7



Gran Turismo 7 Platinum Trophy

Acquired all Gran Turismo 7 trophies

Gold Trophy Gran Turismo 7



Onerous Work Pays Off

Earned Gold in all licenses

Silver Trophies Gran Turismo 7



Circuit Grasp

Accomplished 15 tracks (all sectors) in Circuit Expertise

Driving the Autobahn Collectively

Driving with different gamers on-line, you matched the gap coated by the complete German Autobahn community: 13,191km (8,197 miles)

Velocity Archdemon

Reached a velocity of 600km/h (373mph)

Three Legendary Automobiles

Acquired three legendary race automobiles that had been as soon as destined to win 24-hour races

Bronze Trophies Gran Turismo 7



A Little bit of a Increase

Bought a turbo or supercharger 10 occasions

A Style of Tuning

Purchased and outfitted tuning elements

Accomplished in 60 Seconds

Drove a lap of the Tsukuba Circuit in below one minute

Agency Favourite

Purchased the identical automotive 10 occasions


Received races on 10 completely different tracks

Be a part of the 200-mph Membership

Reached a velocity of 200mph (322km/h)

By a Nation Mile

Received with a lead of 10 seconds or extra, in a race of no less than two laps

By a Whisker

Received a race with a lead of 0.5 seconds or much less

Circuit Apprentice

Accomplished 5 tracks (all sectors) in Circuit Expertise

Clear Racer

Accomplished a race with out leaving the monitor of any collisions

Crossing the Atlantic Collectively

Driving with different gamers on-line, you matched the gap coated by the first-ever continuous Transatlantic flight: 5,810km (3,610 miles)

Digging the Filth

Received 10 races on grime tracks

Driving for twenty-four Hours

Drove the size of 1 full 24 Hours of Le Man’s race: 2,209.538km (1,372.942 miles)

Driving Route 66

Drove the size of Route 66 (US): 2,451 miles (3,945km)

Driving the Angeles Crest Freeway

Drove the size of the Angeles Crest Freeway (US) – 66 miles (106km)

Fill Her Up

Took a pitstop throughout a race that featured gas consumption, and crammed your tank

Heavy Haulage

Purchased a pickup truck

In-Depth Mastery

Completed 50 races in Sport Mode

Let’s Go Carbon Impartial!

Purchased an electrical automotive

Memento from Le Mans

Took a Scapes photograph of an Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Crew Joest) on the Circuit de la Sarthe

Memento from the Nurburgring

Took a Scapes photograph of a BMW Gr.3 automotive on the Nurburgring

Method First Timer

Drove a Method automotive

Motor Mania

Saved 50 automobiles in your Storage

New Treads

Took a pitstop throughout a race and altered you tires

No Automotive, No Life

Saved 100 automobiles in your Storage

No Help Required!

Accomplished a race with none help settings

Operating on Empty

Ran out of gas in a race which featured gas consumption

Podium Fixture

Completed on the rostrum ten occasions

Pupil of Motoring Historical past

Accomplished the primary automotive gathering menu

Rain Royalty

Acquired your rain license

Residing with a Legend

Purchased a automotive on the Legend Automobiles dealership

Residing Your Automotive Life

Began the primary menu

Security First

Purchased a security automotive

Shifting on Up

Moved up 5 or extra positions in a single lap

Smoking Sizzling

Earned 10,000pts in Drift Trials


Took 100 photographs in Scapes or Race Photographs

Spherical and Spherical

Drove 500 miles (804.672km) on oval tracks

Sport Mode Debut

Completed a race in Sport Mode

Squeaky Clear

Washed a automotive 10 occasions

The First Step to Mastery

Accomplished a monitor (all sectors) in Circuit Expertise

Time Attacker

Took half in 100-time trials

Totally Licensed

Earned all licenses

Toughening Up

Elevated a automotive’s physique rigidity 10 occasions

Trying Good!

Purchased and outfitted aerodynamic elements

Velocity Demon

Reached a velocity of 500km/h (311mph)

Warning: Huge Load!

Match a large physique

Wheely Good Enjoyable

Purchased 10 units of wheels

Gran Turismo 7 launches on March 4, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.