Gran Turismo 7 Got Pulled Out from Sale in Russia

Well, no GT7 for Russians then.

The recently released video game Gran Turismo 7 was suddenly pulled out from sale in Russian PlayStation Store.

The recently launched racing game just got released today but now it is unavailable in the Russian PSN Store. For some reason the store does not have a purchase button on GT7’s official page and it only says Release date Pending confirmation.

It’s in Russian but it says Release date Pending confirmation

The wild thing about this is Sony Interactive Entertainment has not made any statement in regards to pulling out the sale of GT7 in the digital store. No word yet from SIE and have not responded to requests from different media outlets to comment on the new move.

It seems they are quietly supporting Ukraine’s efforts to make companies stop supporting Russian markets. They have asked several companies including gaming ones to support Russia. After the Russian invasion started, several gaming studios have voiced their opinion and even donated funds for Ukraine’s humanitarian relief.

Even Sony’s film division announced that it would stop the cinema releases in Russia and that includes Morbius, which is supposed to air in Russia this coming March 24, 2022.