Gran Turismo Sport Online Service to be Terminated Early Next Year

Offline modes will still work.

Developer Polyphony Digital announced today that the 2017 racing sim Gran Turismo Sport online service will be shutting down next year.

According to the latest blog post on the official Gran Turismo website, Polyphony Digital stated that the online services for Gran Turismo Sport will shut down on January 31, 2024. After that date, players cannot access the online services, which include Open Lobby, Garage Car Liveries, and Sport Mode. Players are advised to unlock all trophies that require online play to do it starting today or else forever be blocked from unlocking them.

Players who still enjoy playing Gran Turismo Sport can still enjoy the offline modes including splitscreen multiplayer, the main single-player campaign, World Circuits, and time trials.

Before shutting down the online services, the over 200 in-game vehicles that can be purchased via the PlayStation Store will no longer be available starting on December 1, 2023. Any add-ons purchased before that date can still be used in-game.

Gran Turismo Sport was first released in 2017 exclusively for the PS4.