Grand Theft Auto V PS5 Version Confirmed to Run at 4K 60 FPS by PS Germany

This might have been deliberate or it was accidentally revealed.

In a recent blog post by the German PlayStation Blog, it was confirmed ahead that Grand Theft Auto V PS5 version will be running on some high specifications.

Specifically, the German website (Google translated to English) revealed that GTA V will run on crisp 4K resolution and on smooth 60 FPS. The translation is not that perfect with some weird grammar in it, but it does confirm that it will be running as such.

The other PS Blog sites have not posted this particular type of information yet, but it could be coming soon. Since this is officially coming from Sony Interactive Entertainment, then there is no doubt the game will be enjoyed with such specs. All the fans need to do is wait for the official confirmation from their side of the world.

Grand Theft Auto V PS5 version is launching November 11, 2021.