Grounded Getting the ‘Hot and Hazy Update’ Soon

Set for release before October's end.


The early access survival game hit Grounded is getting a ton of updates coming for it and it’s titled The Hot and Hazy Update which is its largest update yet and this game hasn’t even reached the full 1.0 release yet.

The update will roll out officialy on October 20 but for those who want to try out an early build of the update, albeit with a slew of bugs and glitches, can try it out later today, 6th Octpber. thanks to Grounded ‘s Public Test ring.

New features of the update are as detailed:

  • Locations
    • The new Sandbox biome. True to it’s name its a sandbox that you can see in playgrounds.
    • The new Black Ant Hill biome. The 3rd ant hill for Grounded. Which features a new dungeon as well as Grounded’s first mini-boss.
    • A revamp of the Haze biome. This biome has been in Grounded since day one and due to the lack of reason for players to come back to it, its getting some much needed changes like new environments, dangerous fungi, noxious gas, and a redesigned laboratory.
    • The Picnic Table landmark which features a beehive.
    • The Trash Heap which features trash that players might be able to use.
  • Gameplay
    • Unique infected behaviors for infected insect variants, such as weevils, larvae, ladybugs, and gnats for the Haze biome.
    • A new “Sizzle” mechanic for the sandbox biome, which players need to be protected from using shade or specific armor or else they’ll suffer from the heat and dying. “Sizzle” will be absent at night though.
    • Buried treasure can be dugged up using the new Shovel tool. Players can find buried treasure if they notice something shining while there’s sunlight hitting the ground.
    • A new BURG.L chip which players can track down.
    • Milk Molars which is a brand-new resource players can use for upgrading their stats such as increased max health and stamina, slower hunger and thirst, additional Mutation slots, as well as party upgrades like increased food stacks, resources, and ammo.
    • New Globs, which can be used to increase weapon stats. A Smithing Station crafting table will be available for players to combine Globs with their weapons for boosted stats. Minty, Spicy, and Salty Globs can upgrade the weapons to Fresh, Spicy, and Salty variants, respectively.
    • Armor will now be split into Light, Medium, and Heavy categories. Light armor gives a stamina regeneration bonus, Medium armor provides no changes to stamina regeneration, and Heavy armor decreases stamina regeneration.
    • New tutorials will be added for new players as well as a new way to level up with the Brain Power system and new crafting recipes will be available exclusively with this method.
    • Accessibility improvements such as UI narration and more settings to configure visual effects.
  • New creatures
    • Black Ants in the Black Ant Hill biome.
    • The Antlion in the Sandbox biome which eats both players and ants.
    • The Roly Poly, complete with an armored rolling technique.

Grounded is a survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. It was released for Windows and Xbox One in early access on July 28, 2020, with the full release expected sometime in 2021. An enhanced version for the Xbox Series X/S was released on November 10, 2020. In the game, players are shrunk to the size of an ant and attempt to survive in a backyard filled with dangers.

Source: Windows Central