Guilty Gear Strive New Information About Offline Modes Revealed

Game company Arc System Works has recently updated the official website of upcoming action fighting video game Guilty Gear Strive.

The new information contains details about the offline modes that this game offers for the fans. There are five modes to enjoy while offline which are:

  • Tutorial
  • Arcade
  • Mission
  • Survival
  • Training

Check out each game mode details here:


Enjoy the banter between the main characters Sol and Ky as you learn the ropes of the game in this mode.

You can get advice adjusted to your inputs and skills, so you can find the next step to up your game!


Make your way through a series of matches as you enjoy each character’s story in this mode.
The story branches off depending on your performance in the matches. When you find yourself in a real pinch, another character shows up to fight at your side!

Play again as the same character to enjoy a variety of conversations, depending on the route you take.

As you improve at the game, the world of GGST opens up for you!


In this mode, challenge yourself with missions to learn techniques to apply in your matches.

Those of you aiming for the top should try your luck at the application missions. Fill out the map and watch yourself getting closer to victory!


Fight one match after another versus the CPU with a limited pool of health in this mode. See how far you can get with your current skills.

Try your luck against the extra powerful opponents who show up after a certain number of wins.
After you experience the joy of overcoming your own limits, you’ll be winning before you know it!


Practice for any situation in this mode.

This mode has everything you could ask for, from recreating specific situations to practicing your combos.

Guilty Gear Strive will launch on PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC on April 9.

Source: Official Website