Gundam Builders World Cup 2023 PH: New Kits & Displays

Gundam Builders World Cup 2023 PH Featured Image

Gundam is currently one of the most popular cultures and franchises worldwide. Recently, Robinsons Magnolia held one of the most prestigious and creative events for Gunpla builders, the Gundam Builders World Cup 2023. We, of Sirus Gaming, have managed to get a chance to explore and see what Bandai has to offer for all fans including the custom builds that fans have worked hard on over the past couple of months.

The Gundam Builders World Cup 2023 or GBWC is a contest that gathers GUNPLA builders from around the globe to represent their countries for a chance to compete in Japan to see who is the top builder of the year. This spectacular event occurs every year with not only custom builds but also a sneak peek of what Bandai and the Gundam franchise have to offer in the near future.

When my fellow Sirus members and I attended the event, tons of displays piqued my interest to the point that I wanted to start collecting and building my own GUNPLA. Most of the displays shown in the event are custom builds. Builds using RX78-02, DOM, Sazabi, and other kits ranging from SD to MG were displayed showing the creativity of each contestant who wants to win this contest.

Personally, most of them are basically painted using airbrushes and cement but what really gave me a surprise is the diorama displays made by certain entrees. These show not only the creativity of each Filipino builder but also the passion and pride of what a Pinoy Gunpla builder can do as he or she wants to show that the Philippines is an artistic country worth knowing.

Aside from the contest displays shown in the GBWC, BANDAI has displayed some of the most anticipated kits that are currently being sold locally including soon-to-be-released kits such as the upcoming Real Grade Epyon Gundam ver. EW. This upcoming RG kit is from one of the popular movies of the 90s, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, and is expected to be released this October 2023. Another set of kits that was announced for the upcoming new anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Build Metaverse are the Entry Grade kits, Lah Gundam and Gundam Build Strike Exceed Galaxy. Both kits are expected to be released this coming October as well.

Gundam kits are not only displayed as well in the event. The popular Figure-Rise kits were displayed as well featuring some of the most nostalgic and still popular animes such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Pokemon, Naruto, and even the latest mecha-anime series which will have a new game coming this January 2024, Synduality. Some of these kits are not only displayed at the event but also being sold locally at Robinsons Magnolia.

The event doesn’t only show upcoming kits and custom builds, but it also has a mini-store set up where fans and new builders can purchase kits that are being sold locally including exclusive Limited-Edition HG and MG kits like Clear Color versions of Aerial and Lfrith Gundam and also Neo-Color versions of Aile Strike Gundam and Barbatos Gundam. These kits are available until the end of the event, so my advice to all Filipino Gundam fans is to visit Robinsons Magnolia now and watch the event before it ends.

Overall, this event is very fruitful, and I hope it continues to inspire new builders out there to be part of the fandom. As I stated above, Filipino fans and new builders can come and visit the event to not only buy kits and all but also see the creative side of Filipino Gunpla builders and support the cause of expanding the Gundam verse throughout the whole country.