Gungrave GORE Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are the trophies you need to collect in order to get platinum in Gungrave G.O.R.E.

This is our Gungrave GORE trophy guide. The game is a new take on old-school beat ’em ups with an emphasis on style points and chaining combos. The game incorporates elements from the anime fans will no doubt enjoy like the over-the-top weapons and hordes of enemies.

In this guide, we’ll briefly go over the requirements in order to unlock the game’s Platinum trophy. From the get-go, it looks like you’ll spend most of the time building a body count and researching the best techniques to chain combos. There are also difficulty settings ranging from easy to hard. We can only assume that completing the game on Hard unlocks the other trophies.

Note: Gungrave G.O.R.E. releases on November 22, 2022. Only the trophy list has been revealed.

Update: Gungrave G.O.R.E is out now.

Gungrave GORE Trophy Guide


  • Beyond the Grave: Earn all other trophies


  • Completed Grave: Upgrade everything from the Lab


  • Operation Hong Kong: Defeat Yensen
  • Kuala Paradise: Defeat Big Wushen
  • The Master of Singapore: Defeat Turonty
  • The King of Scumland: Defeat Ganpo
  • I Know Who: Defeat Who Knows Who
  • Fury on Fire: Kill 1000 enemies while in Fury Mode
  • The Great Fire: Use Demolition Shot 500 times
  • The Winner’s Dance: Use Storm Barrage 500 times
  • Completed Body: Upgrade all of Grave’s stats
  • Perfect Technique: Get all of Grave’s skills
  • Completed Firearm: Collect all Demolition Shots


  • Let’s Go!: Start the journey
  • New to Art: Achieve 300 Art Score
  • The Artist: Achieve 500 Art Score
  • Maybe I’ll Open a Gallery: Achieve 1000 Art score
  • Can You Feel the Beat?: Achieve 100 Beat Count
  • Just a Warm Up: Achieve 300 Beat Count
  • Full Break: Achieve 500 Beat Count
  • Nothing: Destroy a total of 1000 objects
  • Medal of Honor: Obtain 10000 DNA
  • The Destroyed Machine: Defeat Wasakin
  • Shallow Your Tongue: Defeat Ligabu
  • I’m Faster Than You: Defeat Kung Fu Master
  • You Are Now My Mercenary: Defeat Zell Condorbrave
  • Pollution: Defeat Brhbau
  • Stop Jumping Around: Defeat Brhatu
  • Going Over the Hill: Defeat Panisto
  • The Dead Does Not Speak: Defeat Balladbird Lee
  • Lightning Strike: Defeat Bear Walken
  • Piece of Cake: Clear all stages on easy difficulty
  • Another Round?: Clear all stages on normal difficulty
  • Beyond the Explosion: Clear all stages on hard difficulty
  • The Upgrade: Learn a skill from the Lab for the first time
  • Dear Brother: Play as Bunji
  • My Sweet Revenge: Play as Quartz
  • The Slayer: Kill 500 enemies
  • The Butcher: Kill 1500 enemies
  • The Emotionless Being: Kill 3000 enemies
  • Join My Grave: Kill 10000 enemies
  • The Headsman: Perform 50 executions
  • Grim Reaper: Perform 100 executions
  • Home Run Champion: Use Death Tornado 100 times
  • Spear of Death: Use Death Spear 100 times
  • Funeral Procession: Use Funeral Strike 100 times
  • Playing with Fire: Use Demolition Shot 100 times
  • Dance of Death: Use Storm Barrage 100 times

There are 49 trophies in total:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 1 Gold Trophy
  • 11 Silver Trophies
  • 36 Bronze Trophies

Hidden Trophies

  • Let’s Go!
  • New to Art
  • The Artist
  • Maybe I’ll Open a Gallery
  • Can You Feel the Beat?
  • Just a Warm Up
  • Full Break
  • Nothing Can Stop Me
  • The Destroyed Machine
  • Swallow Your Tongue
  • I’m Faster Than You
  • You Are Now My Mercenary
  • Pollution
  • Stop Jumping Around
  • Going Over the Hill
  • The Dead Does Not Speak
  • Lightning Strike
  • Dear Brother
  • My Sweet Revenge
  • The Headsman
  • Grim Reaper
  • Home Run Champion
  • Spear of Death
  • Bursting with Power
  • Funeral Procession
  • Playing with Fire
  • Dance of Death
  • Operation Hong Kong
  • Kuala Paradise
  • The Master of Singapore
  • The King of Scumland
  • I Know Who
  • Fury on Fire
  • The Great Fire
  • The Winner’s Dance

The Completing Grave is the game’s only Gold Trophy. Experience tells me that getting this particular trophy will involve a lot of grinding and possibly a secret or two. Gold trophies don’t usually fall onto anyone’s lap after all.

Many of the trophies like the ones involving enemies, executions, art scores, and beat count stack multiple times making the grind less frustrating.

Finishing the game on Hard difficulty is a good way to knock off 3 trophies at once. It’ll also help with the art score and beat the count as enemies will be tankier at higher difficulties.

That’s all we’re going to say about the trophies in this Gungrave GORE trophy guide for now.

Check out this overview trailer from PlayStation where they go through the features of the upcoming game.

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