Hades 2 Romance Options

A Guide on How to Romance Characters and Possible Romanceable Characters in Hades 2

Hades 2 Romance Options

Supergiant Games has listened to player feedback and expanded the Hades 2 romance options compared to the first Hades game. While the full list of romanceable characters isn’t final yet, there are definitely more options than just Thanatos, Megaera, and Dusa.

Hades 2 promises to expand on the relationship-building aspects of the first game, offering players a chance to forge deeper connections beyond the House of Hades. Here’s a comprehensive look at what we know so far about romance in Hades 2.

Is there romance in Hades 2?

Yes, there is romance in Hades 2. Gifts and conversations are key. Building relationships primarily involves gifting items and engaging in frequent conversations. Some relationships may remain ambiguous, allowing for player interpretation and organic development.

It is important to note that Hades 2 is still in Early Access, so not all romances are fully developed yet. It’s exciting to think of who else you might be able to romance as the game progresses. We might even see characters we haven’t met yet.

All Romanceable Characters in Hades 2

Early on, you’ll discover obvious romantic potential with Nemesis or Moros, they fit Supergiant Games’ pattern of offering a classic trope with deep complexities in relationships. However, there’s the unlikelihood of a polyamorous relationship with both Nemesis and Moros, considering their familial ties.


Nemesis - Hades 2 Romance Option

Nemesis is your rival, offering a classic enemies-to-lovers potential. Tensions clash with a begrudging respect that could shift into something more.


Moros - Hades 2 Romance Option

Moros, the embodiment of Doom, who yearns for affection setting up a different romantic dynamic. A romance with Moros would likely be emotionally complex, with themes of finding light within darkness.


Dora - Hades 2 Romance Option

The concept of Dora being the “new” Dusa is interesting. It highlights the possibility of a meaningful, close, platonic connection as opposed to a fully romantic one.


Eris - Hades 2 Romance Option

Eris, the goddess of discord, embodies chaos and rebellion. A romance with Eris would be a whirlwind, defying expectations and full of thrilling unpredictability.


Icarus - Hades 2 Romance Option

Icarus is connected to Melinoe’s past, Icarus offers the potential to explore themes of lost love and rekindled connections. Romancing him might lean towards a more bittersweet narrative, weaving together past regrets with the possibilities of the present.


Odysseus - Hades 2 Romance Option

Odysseus being a cunning and resourceful hero, presents an interesting contrast to Melinoe. His potential romance could involve themes of shared goals and clever schemes. However, his possible marriage status (tied to Penelope in myth) makes this a less probable option.


Hecate- Hades 2 Romance Option

As a powerful goddess of witchcraft and crossroads, Hecate acts as a mentor figure to Melinoe. While a romance with an authority figure could be compelling, it seems less likely given the dynamic established so far.


Arachne - Hades 2 Romance Option

Arachne serves as a support character, providing defensive upgrades and armor. Her relationship with Melinoe has a distinctly mentor-like or friendly ally vibe. Arachne’s role seems to focus on helping Melinoe become stronger, both mechanically and through encouragement. But she is a delightful character, and plus wouldn’t a Spider girlfriend sound awesome?

How to Romance Characters in Hades 2?

Here’s a general idea of how romance works in Hades 2:

  1. Gifting Nectar: The most straightforward way to build relationships in Hades 2 is gifting Nectar to characters you find interesting.
  2. Keepsakes: Some characters might have a unique Keepsake they’ll gift you the first time you give them Nectar.
  3. Ambrosia: A rarer and more expensive gift that deepens established bonds, potentially unlocking exclusive interactions, romance routes, and companion abilities.
  4. Twin Lures: Earned through fishing, these gifts are important for characters who enjoy this activity or are linked to the watery domains of the Underworld.
  5. Conversations & Progressing the Plot: Talk to characters often. Your choices in dialogues and how you progress through the story can unlock special interactions that further develop the relationship.
  6. Bath Salts and Hot Spring Invites : Bath salts are a special gift you can unlock by purchasing the hot springs for your hub area. Once you have a sufficient relationship with a character (usually around the second or third heart), you can invite them to the hot springs for a scene of increased intimacy and dialogue. While the hot springs scenes can be flirty and suggestive, they don’t always translate into a full-fledged romance.
  7. Fulfilling Prophecies: The Fated List of Minor Prophecies in Hades was tied to progressing relationships. There is an equivalent system in Hades 2, and completing certain prophecies may unlock new romantic interactions.
  8. Affinity Hearts: Pay attention to the heart icons by characters’ names. These track your relationship progress. Each character has a heart icon next to their names. As your relationship develops, this heart meter fills up. Filling a heart meter is a prerequisite for unlocking romance options with a character. However, a full meter doesn’t guarantee romance. Some relationships might remain platonic.

Building a romance in Hades 2 takes time, so be patient. Don’t expect to max out relationships right away. Enjoy the gradual development as you escape the Underworld.

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