How to get Nectar in Hades 2

How to get Nectar Hades 2

In Hades 2, Nectar is a valuable resource primarily used for relationship building, unlocking Keepsakes, Companions, and story development, including romance options. Just like the first game, Nectar is a luxurious golden drink offered as a gift to various characters within the Underworld, including Olympians. Giving Nectar to a character deepens your bond with them, unlocking new dialogue, story events, and potential favors.

Nectar in Hades 2 won’t be available for a while at the start of the game. You’ll first need to unlock the Kinship Fortune Incantation to unlock the ability to trade for Nectar.

Hades 2 Nectar

How and where to get Nectar in Hades 2?

Here are all the ways to get Nectar in Hades 2:

  1. Encounter Rewards: Nectar is a possible reward for clearing enemy encounters. While not guaranteed, keep an eye out for rooms with the Nectar symbol as the potential reward during your run.
  2. Kinship Fortune Incantation: To unlock the ability to trade and acquire Nectar in Hades 2, you’ll first need to progress through the story by defeating the first boss. This grants access to the House of Hades, unlocking the House Contractor and the Mirror of Night. Cast the Kinship Fortune Incantation for 60 Bones using the Mirror of Night in the House of Hades to make the Wretched Broker NPC appear in the Crossroads area. It also unlocks the ability to trade with the Wretched Broker and grants you one Nectar to start with.
  3. Trade with the Wretched Broker: The Wretched Broker at the Crossroads (hub area) once unlocked, you can trade 30 Bones earned during runs for one Nectar.
  4. Charon’s Shop: Occasionally, Charon the Boatman will offer Nectar for sale in his shop in exchange for Gold (Obols). This is less frequent than the other methods mentioned above
  5. Harbinger of Doom Prophecy: Completing the Harbinger of Doom minor prophecy on the Fated List grants you a single Nectar. This involves summoning Moros your doom-bringer companion, the second time around.

How to Use Nectar in Hades 2?

Your primary use for Nectar will be gifting it to the various characters you encounter to deepen your bonds with them.

Hades 2 How to Use Nectar: Giving Chaos Nectar to get the Cosmic Egg Keepsake

The first time you offer a major character Nectar, they will reward you with a unique Keepsake. These Keepsakes are equippable items that provide powerful benefits during encounters, often synergizing with the character who gave them to you. Some characters offer Companions, summonable allies, after you build your relationship and gift them enough Nectar.

Lastly, certain Incantations in Hades 2 require Nectar as a crafting ingredient. A prime example is the Unraveling a Fateful Bond Incantation, crucial for progressing the story and allowing you to resist damage on the surface world.

Best Tips When using Nectar in Hades 2

Remember, in Hades 2, Nectar is more scarce than it was in the previous game, so spend it wisely on the characters you want to build relationships with the most:

  • Build relationships with the Olympians as they often provide powerful Boons.
  • Getting Keepsakes from characters like Nyx (Mirror of Night upgrades) or Hecate (Magic and Witchcraft) opens up valuable progression paths.
  • Sometimes, developing friendships is key to unlocking story content. The Fated List of Minor Prophecies can guide you on who to prioritize for this.
  • If you find yourself relying heavily on a specific god’s Boons, deepening your bond with them to increase Boon rarity is also one of the best ways to use Nectar.

Supergiant Games has hinted that Nectar may gain even more functionality as Hades 2 progresses through Early Access.

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