Hades Cross-Save Feature Not Available on Launch

Hades cross-save feature

Game developer Supergiant Games recently announced on its social media account that the rogue-like dungeon crawler video game Hades will not launch without its cross-save feature.

According to Supergiant Games on its official Twitter account, the video game will be launching on Nintendo Switch and PC later this fall, but it will not include the cross-save feature between both platforms. This is due to the setbacks that they have faced during testing so they have to make sure it will work first before adding it in future update.

Supergiant Games does not want to postpone its launch of Hades, and would do the opposite, but will have to do it without the cross-save feature. They are hoping for the gaming community’s understanding as they make fixes for it.

So far, the feedback from this Twitter post was positive and the fans appreciate the gesture. They eagerly await the launch of the game later on.

Hades will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch this coming Fall 2020.