Hades Cross-Save Update Now Available

Hades cross-save feature

Game developer Supergiant Games has recently announced on social media that popular and award-nominee video game Hades how has a much-awaited update.

The newest update released by the game developers is the cross-save feature and it is now available to download on all platforms. Players are now able to import their save data from Nintendo Switch to the PC version and vice versa. This will work on both copies purchased from Steam or Epic Games Store.

Supergiant Games warned players to have save files in different slots. This will make sure that they will not overwrite their old files that might be used later. The best part of this update is the save data being that have story-based, one-time achievements will be able to unlock those achievements on the other platform too.

The cross-save support was announced way back in August 2020. Th developers were working on the feature, but they could not make it ready at launch. Now, it is ready and can fully support both platforms.

Hades is now available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch.