Half Life 3 Listing Got Leaked

Half Life 3

Fans of the Half Life franchise suddenly got a surprise when a leak came up regarding the most awaited sequel getting a listing in Steam, hinting that the game may possibly be getting a release date very soon. Half Life 3 possible? Or not?

Half Life 3 has been one of the most wished and waited for sequel because of the cliffhanger that it gave its players from its second installment. Almost comparable to a myth, fans have been longing for so long for this sequel to be brought to life. Well, people might not wait for that much longer anymore because of this recent update that Steam had for its listing. Players are now speculating what’s going to be in store for them in this game and some are even hoping for a closure for the game’s story line.

As of now, nothing much has been revealed and no official statement has been given by Valve themselves to back-up this leak. For those who want to see themselves, you may want to visit this link.

Now, another question arises: has Gabe Newell finally learned how to count up until 3?