Halo Infinite Issues with Development Rumored to be caused by Heavy Outsourcing

halo infinite master chief

A recent report revealed that the delay of upcoming and most anticipated video game Halo Infinite was caused by some issues with the development.

The Thurrott website recently spoke with anonymous development sources talking about the factors that ultimately made 343 Industries decide to delay the game. Many fans were disheartened with the news since everyone believed the development has been long and the developers would not have any problems releasing it in the coming holidays. They were mistaken, unfortunately.

The report states that the development of Infinite was actually troubled and it had a long history of that with several factors. One of those factors was the plan to re-imagine the core series principles and build it on a new engine that was being developed on parallel with the game. They were also attempting to achieve big results with the new console specifications, the Xbox Series X.

This is where the problem arose. 343 Industries asked the help of third-party contractors for developing several portions of the game. So, there were two groups in this now: the in-house developers and the outsource contractors. Communication has proven difficult and the outside help had more people than the in-house guys. It was chaos.

So many disagreements happened like with the game’s features. This reportedly made Creative Director Tim Longo leave the team in August 2019. Mary Olson took his place in October in the same year.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have not confirmed this report, but the website is reputable. Still, take this with a grain of salt for now.

Halo Infinite will launch sometime in 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Thurrott