Halo Infinite Possibly Getting New Game Mode Soon by Collaborator

The game's take on battle royale is rumored to be in development?!

New Game Modes Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown

A new game mode of Halo Infinite could be in the works right now and it is supposed to be from a collaborator.

According to a report from Windows Central, developer Certain Affinity is possibly working together with 343 Industries in developing this new game mode for Halo Infinite. They are also developing this new game that is inspired by Monster Hunter, which is also rumored to be happening right now.

In the report, it seems this new game mode could be Halo Infinite’s take on battle royale, but not totally the same. It could have some differences or maybe it is actually something different all together.

No official confirmation yet from Certain Affinity to make this report a fact, but with Certain Affinity’s statement last year, it seems it could be plausible. It was founded by former Bungie developer Max Hoberman after all and has made contributions to other Halo games and other shooting games like Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty, and more.

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