Halo MCC Development Team Reveals Plans for Season 7

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Halo MCC is a unique position. It is a collection of older games that launched as a buggy mess. But over the years it was fixed by 343 industry. And after its release on PC, it has got constant updates with adding games like Halo: Reach but they did not stop with that.

The 343 development team kept adding new content to Halo: MCC now as seasons. The new content is mostly from which were the ones cut from older games and from the canceled Halo: Online Game. This content varies from new Maps to a lot of Cosmetics along with the addition of Cross-play.

The last update was with Season 6 with the addition of 100 new cosmetics, a new Halo 3 Map, and a gun.

And recently the development team has started revealing what is going to come in Season 7 of the Halo:MCC in their developer Forums.

Quit Bans & Hacking/Cheating

In MCC, when a player quits out of a matchmade game, they can either be banned or quit without penalty. For players who have already had half of their team quit from in-game, you are free to quit the game without penalty of a ban. So this does not really help if one goes AFK and doesn’t really help the team. So they will be updating the Ban Timing to be longer.

They also what people to continue to report cheaters on https://aka.ms/HaloPlayerReport as they are still looking to combat that problem.

Custom Game Browser

In late April and early May there was a scale test in MCC for Halo: Reach and now they are planning to expand this along with all the games slowly. As stated by the team they want the Custom Browser to be easily accessed and easy to use while letting players find matches fast. And it is stated it will soon be included in the game fully.

Season 7 Flighting and New Planned content

Flighting is when the developers test out the update before it releases in the MCC. if you do wanna be part of a flight then do get register in the Halo: Insider Program. They are planning to do a flighting for the new season soon.

The Key focuses of the season seem to be as following:

  • Improvements to visuals for Halo CE to better mirror legacy.
  • Improvements to the new maps Waterfall and Edge. (Waterfall was added with the last update)
  • Addition/Expansion of Custom Browser.
  • Season 7 Customization Content.
  • Various bug fixes
Edge Map

I personally started playing with Halo after it came to PC. And Halo: MCC has only gotten better over time and from what I read in this update I eager to jump back in to play more of it.