Halo 1 Cut Content Getting Recovered with Help from 343

Assets from original Halo game get restored.

A group of modders is now working with 343 Industries to restore content cut from the original release of Halo Combat Evolved.

343 Works with Digsite to Restore Halo 1

Mod team Digsite has recently revealed that it has been working with 343 over the past year to restore Halo 1. “Of particular interest to us were design/production docs, Bungie feedback notes, tags, compiled maps, and source data for previously unseen multiplayer maps,” stated the team.

The highlights of the restored content included multiplayer maps that were originally developed for the PC port of Halo Combat Evolved, which was worked on by Gearbox Software and released way back in 2003.

“Gearbox had made a bunch of brand-new textures that were not being used whatsoever,” said Digsite team member Ludus. “I felt it would be a shame if these textures never got used, so I decided to remix Indoor into a brand-new map that could better utilize these newfound bitmaps.”

“It took some work to get running in MCC. We’ve set it up as a sandbox to play in, explore, and repurpose for your own mods,” said Digsite.

Other Resources Also Restored

According to Digsite, it is not only this content that is being restored by them. The team is also recovering the earliest conception of Halo as an RTS, including vehicles, and enemy types.

343 says there is more content to be shown off and that the Digsite team will continue to work through the archives of the franchise.