Halo The Master Chief Collection Microtransactions Might Be Happening Soon

Should it get microtransactions features or not?

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343 Industries has announced that they are evaluating the idea of having Halo The Master Chief Collection microtransactions in the future.

Halo The Master Chief Collection Microtransactions Plans

The collection is one of the beloved Halo products for fans of the franchise. It offers six of the most popular and successful games in just one collection. It was even supported by 343 Industries with seasonal content for multiplayer, which just adds more value to the collection. Unfortunately, it seems the developers are now looking for something more that could make profits. That’s right, they might add microtransactions soon.

Dramatic Changes for the Game

The Halo the Master Chief Collection Microtransactions was actually mentioned from 343 Industries’ own message to the game collection community shared via a blog post on the Halo Waypoint community web site. Community Writer Alex Wakeford revealed that 343 Industries is planning to make some dramatic changes to the game in the future. This includes converting the bundle’s Season Points currency into Spartan Points. The developers are also considering to make these Spartan Points purchasable with real money.

The Spartan Points

These points will then be used to unlock items within the bundle and would specially be geared to people who do not have much time for grinding, or those who are completionists that are looking to catch the last outstanding items they need. This will make content that were previously available via gameplay and seasonal progression now available by buying it with real money.

343 Industries thinks that this plan of change is already for certain, but from how they are saying it on the blog, it seems they are quite set to do it in the future.

Feedback from the Fans

Feedback from the gaming community was swift and are mostly negative. Halo The Master Chief Collection’s strongest point was its availability for years and content that was free of charge. Some think that this could tarnish the future of Xbox’s most beloved games.

Current Situation

343 Industries has not come to a decision yet for the microtransactions plan, but 343 Industries is already moving forward with other changes for the game. Instead of a seasonal content update schedule, it will now go with a Series model. More details will be shared later on.

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Halo the Master Chief Collection is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.