HBO’s The Last of Us Full Trailer Released

Joel and Ellie's new trailer arrives!

HBO’s The Last of Us finally gets a full trailer to celebrate The Last of Us today.

Fans celebrate The Last of Us day today, which is a yearly occasion and formerly known as Outbreak Day. Fans know this in the game as the day when the Cordyceps infection spread throughout humanity. Today is different as HBO finally reveals a full-length trailer for the upcoming TV series.

The new HBO series will star Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

Just like in the game, the new trailer features snippets of Joel and Ellie’s journey across America. It shows Joel’s painful past, how he agonizes that hurtful memory in the present day, how he meets Ellie, and more. On Ellie’s side, it shows how she met her old friend Riley, her memory of riding the Merry Go Round ride, her escape from Clickers, and many more.

New wallpapers have been uploaded as well on the official website to celebrate the day. They are for the phone, desktop, and tablet.

A Photo Mode Community Album will be uploaded later on, which will feature some of the best shots done by the fans.

HBO’s The Last of Us will air in 2023.