Hell Welcomes You with New Secretlab Diablo IV Collection

Mother and Father of Sanctuary welcome you all to hell.

Crush Hell’s minions and defeat Lilith’s evil army with the full support of the new Secretlab Diablo IV Collection featuring the Lilith and Inarus Edition Chairs, designed in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo IV is the next entry of the popular franchise after more than a decade of waiting. It is a grand return for Diablo fans as the recent beta weekends had a total of nearly 62 million hours played and has now become the largest beta in the franchise’s history.

To support the fans, it would be grand to have comfortable seats to sit on while conquering hell and crushing the Mother of Sanctuary’s minions to dust with the Secretlab Diablo IV Collection. It has been outfitted with all the pioneering ergonomic features of the award-winning TITAN Evo and engineered to keep fans comfortably supported for hours on end as they explore the vast open world, loot dungeons and conquer world bosses.

“I fell in love with the world of Diablo from the very first game,” said Alaric Choo, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Secretlab. “No other game has come close to recreating Sanctuary’s bleak landscape and its tales of heroism and sacrifice, and fans are hungry for Diablo IV’s dark return. The Secretlab Diablo IV Collection pays tribute to the creators of Sanctuary and the duality between the High Heavens and Burning Hells. We’ve recreated Lilith and Inarius in intricate detail, both mirroring and in direct opposition to each other.”

The Secretlab Diablo IV Collection will only be available in limited quantities at launch so be quick in purchasing or else it will all be gone… to Hell.

Secretlab Titan EVO Diablo IV Lilith Edition will be available in sizes R and XL. It has been upholstered in black Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette and blood-red suede accents. On its rear, it has the horned visage of the Blessed Mother with intricate embroidery. On the front, her wings are extended, taking on a membranous form.

Secretlab Titan EVO Diablo IV Inarius Edition will be available in sizes R and XL. It is fitted with the white Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette and the rogue archangel’s visage is revealed in his full glory on the rear of the chair. His brilliant wings wrap around the front, accented by gold and gray panels.

Secretlab Diablo IV Collection is now available in stores in Lilith and Inarius Editions. Purchase them now here.